DigiByte Price Analysis: DigiByte (DGB) Yet to Catch the Stream Flowing to High Growth

  • DigiByte steps to 52nd rank after showing five significant price variations over the last days.
  • The target for 2019 remains unchanged at 0.025 USD.

DigiByte, one of the finest emerging coins, has been under pressure for the last few days. After days of volatility, yesterday also was not very shiny for the coin. With five steep and sudden swings, the coin lost 1.22% over the last 24 hours. However, the coin has a bright medium-term future, and this may bring the coin to 0.025 USD by the end of 2019. In this piece of price-analysis, let us first look at the current details of DigiByte.

DigiByte Price Statistics-

DigiByte Price Prediction
DigiByte Price Chart
DigiByte (DGB) 29th  July 08:18 UTC
Rank 52nd
ROI (Return on Investment) 601.90%
Coin Circulation 12,084,243,478 DGB
Market Cap 127,634,234 USD
Value in USD 0.01046313 USD
Value in BTC 0.00000110 BTC
24h Volume 984,292 USD

DigiByte to USD Price Comparison-

Yesterday, DigiByte opened with moderately low value, but soon it got strengthened only to take a dip of 2.30% between 02:10 UTC and 10:29 UTC. This dip took 0.0002 USD from the coin. The next variation was a good sign which happened over 7 hours. This growth brought the coin from 0.0103 USD to 0.0105 USD. But the major turbulence was yet to be faced. At 19:30 UTC, the coin starts weathering out and lost 4.82% in 3 hours. Even this low value was not a long-standing one as the coin was successful to stand up and reach 0.0108 over the next 3 hours and 45 minutes from 22:27 UTC. But to the worries of the hopeful traders, the coin took an inverted U-turn and lost 0.0004 USD by 07:11 UTC of today.

DigiByte Price Prediction-

The coin has great potential to show after the days of dismal performance. According to future DigiByte prediction, the coin might be able to reach $0.025 before the starting of 2020. The next resistance points may be found at 0.010718333 USD, 0.010896667 USD, and 0.011091333 USD. The support levels are as follows, 0.010345333 USD, 0.010150667 USD, and 0.009972333 USD.


DigiByte, in the past few days, has not only lost value but also degraded by rank. But experts’ opinion goes with a bullish run soon before the end of this year.

Roxanne Williams

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