DigiByte Price Analysis: Will Bears Give A Way for Bull Run to DGB Price?

  • DigiByte has shown a lot of downward price variations over the last month

DigiByte (DGB) is the most secure UTXO blockchain till date and has been growing at a rapid pace with ever-expanding user base. DGB price has been under a lot of pressure with the bears currently controlling the crypto market conditions. Investors have been caught in a turmoil as to their further investment options, but this trend should pass soon and give away for the more stable crypto market scenario. The past month has not presented a good picture for DGB with the price continually under the bearish zone and showing fluctuation in the range of $0.0126 – $0.0085.

Latest Statistics DigiByte

As on August 19, 2019, at 4:24:20 UTC, current statistics are as below:

  • The current market price of DGB is $0.0091
  • The current rank is 53
  • Current market cap is around $110,067,898
  • 24 h volume is at $895,293
  • ROI is at a good 507.80 %
  • Circulating supply is at a healthy 12,163,431,556 DGB

DGB to USD Comparison

DigiByte price chart - Aug 19
DigiByte Chart By TradingView

The price of DigiByte had undergone huge variations over the past month due to the continuing bear pressure in the market. The price was at a steady $0.0126 on July 20 and went down to $ 0.102 on July 24 in a matter of 3d 1h 30m to the extent of 19.03%. Within 1d 4h 30m on July 25, the price went up to $0.0119 to the extent of 17.59%. On Aug 02, the price fell to $ 0.0095 within 8d 14h to the tune of 20.07%. However, in a matter of 3d 18h 30m on Aug 06, the price had rallied to $0.0119 to the extent of 25.79%. With the bears showing a strong presence, the price of DGB fell again to $0.0085 on Aug 15 in 8d 20h to the tune of 28.06%.  The price of the DGB recovered slightly to the extent of 11.27% within 1d 15h on Aug 16 at $0.0095. Today the price is at $0.0092, which is lower to the extent of 3.16%.

DigiByte Price Prediction

DGB had a good rally before the bears set in during July. From the mid of July, the price of DGB has been on a continual downslide with no respite from bear pressure. Analysts expect this trend to be just a temporary phase as the market is under a lot of volatility currently. As per the DigiByte Prediction, the current trend to be just a temporary phase as the market is under a lot of volatility and the coin might bounce back by the year-end. Get complete information about DGB price prediction by clicking here.


Investors should only think of long-term investment plans. The time looks right now to buy and hold DGB. Short term and day investors should be very careful as there are chances of prices being pulled down further due to continual bear pressure in the market.

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