DigiByte Price Analysis: Will Bears Push DGB Price Down Further?

DigiByte is very secure with great speed and rapidly growing unique technology. Investors are continually flocking to this unique coin because of its immense use. DGB coin, like other altcoins, has been controlled by bears since mid-July as observed from the chart where the DGB price has been fluctuating in the range of $0.0081 – $0.0167.

Current Statistics of DigiByte:

As on August 16, 2019, at 5:46:34 UTC, current statistics are as follows:

  • DigiByte price is trading at $0.008800
  • The Market Cap is around $113,128,861
  • 24-hour volume is at $1,563,677
  • ROI is at a steady 525.34 %
  • Circulating supply is at 12,151,035,463 DGB

DGB to USD Price Comparison:

DigiByte Price Prediction
DigiByte Price Chart by TradingView

DigiByte price has undergone a lot of variations as seen from the above chart. From a low of $0.0081131 on Jan 30, DGB price rose to $0.01500 on Mar 18 in 47 days to the extent of 85.51%. In the next 56 days, on May 13, the price fell to $0.010056 to the tune of 31.98%. An upsurge had begun by then, and the price rallied to $0.01677, showing an upward swing to the extent of 65.81%. By the mid of July, the bears had started putting pressure on the DigiByte price, and it has been falling continuously since then with the price reaching $0.009023 on Aug 16 in a matter of 80 days, price fall being to the extent of 46.20%.

DigiByte Price Prediction & Conclusion:

DGB coin had begun the year on a low note, but the price had picked up in April. With the bears making their presence in July, the prices have undergone a lot of variations in the downward range. As per DGB Coin Price Prediction, the current trend is expected to continue for the short-term as the market is still under bear pressure. Analysts feel DigiByte will come out of this phase soon.

Investors can right now only wait and watch the situation in the market, focusing on long-term investment. Short-term investors should invest with extra caution as the market is facing a lot of volatility.

Trevor Holman

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