DigiByte Price Analysis: Will DGB Coin Be Able to Sustain The Steady Price Momentum?

DigiByte is becoming a popular coin on the blockchain platform, owing to its unique technology features. The coin has been under a lot of bear pressure since the bears gained an upper hand in the crypto market. The past five days chart also shows a lot of price variations in the range of $0.0086 – $0.0099.

Current Statistics of DigiByte:

As on August 26, 2019, at 6:50:09 UTC, current statistics are as follows:

  • The current market price of DGB coin is at $0.0090
  • The Market Cap is around $110,758,228
  • 24-hour volume is at $1,409,146
  • ROI is at a 510.26%
  • Circulating supply is at 12,190,355,377 DGB

DGB to USD Price Comparison:

Digibyte Price Prediction
Digibyte Price Chart by TradingView

DigiByte has shown a lot of variations, as seen in the 5-day price chart. From a low of $0.0087045 on Aug 21, DGB price had climbed up to $0.009852 on the same day to the extent of 13.38%. However, on Aug 22, the price had fallen to $0.008614 to the extent of 12.64%. The price of DGB coin did show a positive response on Aug 24, when it rallied to $0.009429 to the tune of 9.66%. But on Aug 25, DigiByte price had again fallen to $0.00877 to the extent of 6.92%. Today, DGB coin price is trading at $0.0090.

DigiByte Price Prediction & Conclusion:

The price of DGB coin is still under the clutches of the bears since the beginning of July. Not much has changed in August though the bulls keep making their presence at regular intervals and try to take the price to the upper range, with bears being strong, DigiByte has still a long way to go. As per the DigiByte Price Prediction by CryptoNewsZ‘s experts, DGB has the ability to bounce back and should be able to do well by the medium-term.

Investors can go for a long-term investment as this is when DGB coin will be able to realize its true potential. Short-term and intraday investors should invest with caution.

Trevor Holman

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