DigiCorp is Launching on Equinox

DigiCorp, a software solutions company, has built the foundation for a unified, decentralized internet experience powered by a variety of technologies. 

DigiCorp is combining a number of cutting-edge technologies to provide the groundwork for a safe and decentralized Metaverse. DigiCorp is pursuing a great vision of the future, bringing together numerous technologies to provide a solid digital foundation for businesses and individuals, allowing everyone to have a genuinely open, safe Metaverse experience. These integrated technologies provide three branches of functionality that provide an incredible range of services. The team began with a foundation layer based on the DigiByte blockchain, which was then integrated with a secure Metaverse grid powered by ThreeFold Technology. DigiByte is the industry’s longest and most secure UTXO blockchain, allowing for sophisticated smart contracts. ThreeFold is the world’s largest, most sophisticated, fully decentralized peer-to-peer internet infrastructure, with nodes spread around the globe.

The setback with the existing internet model is it is based on user-data embezzlement and the security threats that ensue it. DigiCorp has brought in one of its best solutions, which is the Digicorp Metaverse.

The DigiCorp Metaverse

DigiCorp’s design essentially differs from the data-exploiting model of the tech monopolies. The idea of a decentralized, user-centric and secure digital environment is realized through the amalgam of the DigiByte blockchain and ThreeFold’s advanced web model. The combination of these sophisticated models brings several advantages, which are classified into three categories.


The consumer segment of the DigiCorp Metaverse is classified into DigiLife. 

DigiLife secures user data putting them in control.

  • Comes with a wallet for secure transactions within the Metaverse.
  • The ultimate control over online interactions and transactions rests with the user.
  • A secure way to acquire digital assets, like stocks, crypto, and NFTs.


DigiThree is the enterprise mode of DigiCorp Metaverse. It comes with enhancements intended to quicken business deals and transactions.

  • A safe business environment protected from all external threats.
  • High-speed connectivity with encryption between businesses.
  • A peer-to-peer system for communication and full control over the data archive.
  • Enterprise options to bring brands to a large number of consumers.

DigiWare and DigiAcademy

This functionality of the metaverse is to Inform the users about the abilities of this model and how to enhance operations within.

  • Provides online training options for developers.
  • Offers various development tools for the blockchain technology 

The $DMGV Coin

The $DMGV token is the standard currency on DigiCorp Metaverse. Using this token the users can land great benefits and better bonuses during transactions. Here are a few more of the advantages of using the $DMGV token inside DigiCorp Metaverse.

  • Access to the entirety of the Metaverse.
  • Loyalty and Rebate bonuses.
  • Ability to trade off-platform and in different assets, like stocks, indices, and forex.
  • Enhanced data governance.
  • Increased compatibility with the Metaverse and its future developments.

The DigiCorp Metaverse is a positive development of blockchain technology in recent news. The design of this Metaverse differs from the sci-fi-based outlook and incorporates a more pragmatic approach. It also is a solution for the users to escape their digital fate of becoming the product of the tech monopolies of the current era.

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