DigiFT Unveils USD Money Market Token for on-chain investment!

DigiFT, the breakthrough on-chain Real World Asset (RWA) exchange authorized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), announces the publication of the DR2 RWA token, the latest-generation product. The Digital Assets Financial Trust Company (DAFTR) is launching a new token, the DigiFT USD Money Market Fund Token (DMMF), that will alter the game for investors keen on exploiting the opportunities of cryptocurrencies.

The advent of the DMMF coin takes place alongside the massive growth of these kinds of crypto products. This highlights the transition of the investment strategies to the innovative techniques in the digital assets market. DigiFT’s move is due to its desire to replicate the great achievement of the analogue counterpart, such as BlackRock’s tokenized fund, which announced an amazing $160 million capitalization within the first week after its launch. This demonstrates that this trend is growing among investors, whose biggest attraction to cryptocurrencies is their profitability.

The DMMF token is designed as a direct beneficial interest in a money market fund managed by a reputable and licensed fund manager through which the investor is exposed to a pool of high-quality, short-term money market instruments and debt securities. This includes holdings in approved financial institutions’ deposits, government and corporate bonds, and commercial bills, subject to the existing safety framework of Singapore’s financial sector. The token is available on the Ethereum and Arbitrum networks, which equates to stablecoin holders looking for a treasury/cash solution with a novel avenue to get higher returns.

The market for stablecoins is expected to surpass all expectations and will likely go from around US$150 billion to approximately US$3 trillion over the next five years. The unique issue structure of the DMMF token, based on DigiFT’s revolutionary DR model, ensures that each token has a share of the income rights of the underlying securities. This ensures that the rights of token holders in the asset are legally represented and paves the way for settlement on-chain, a feature first introduced with DigiFT’s U.S. Treasury Bill depository receipt token.

Henry Zhang, the founder and CEO of DigiFT, shared his enthusiasm for this new development: “The DigiFT Money Market Fund Token release is a vital step in providing advanced on-chain cash management solutions. This is not merely a money market fund tokenization effort; it is a strategy for bridging the gap that separates conventional financial assets from the digital economy by offering a stable income on-chain for asset management”.

With blockchain and digital assets continuously adopted by the finance sector, DigiFT aims to spearhead this change by offering top-notch solutions to its clients’ unique financial requirements, ranging from individuals to complex institutions. The entry of the DMMF token denotes this firmness of purpose followed by the era that was not there before: the cash management designed explicitly for the web3 economy and giving a new path for the mixture of traditional and digital finance.

Trevor Holman

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