Digital Transformation Summit, Saudi Arabia, on August 23 & 24

At the core of Saudi Arabia’s progressive trajectory lies its visionary initiative, Vision 2030, set in motion in 2016. This transformative roadmap envisions a digitally advanced nation, leveraging technology as a catalyst for sustainable economic growth and an elevated quality of life.

Concurrently, the National Digital Transformation Strategy, introduced in 2019, is a strategic blueprint. This strategy hones in on pivotal facets like e-government services, digital skills enhancement, and cybersecurity. With a resolute focus, it aims to amplify government services, empower citizens, and attract foreign investments. The commitment to fostering a skilled workforce is evident as Saudi Arabia directs significant investments toward digital education and upskilling initiatives, ensuring its citizens are well-equipped to navigate the ever-evolving job landscape.


The cornerstone of Saudi Arabia’s modernization drive is the Vision 2030 initiative, a comprehensive plan launched in pursuit of economic diversification and reduced reliance on oil revenues. Aiming to establish the nation as a global hub for innovation and investment, Vision 2030 places digital transformation at its core. 

This entails robust digital infrastructure, skill-enriched manpower, and an enabling regulatory framework to stimulate innovation and economic progress. This concerted effort aligns with the imperative recognition of digital technologies’ potential to revolutionize society and the economy. Through these multifaceted approaches, Saudi Arabia is steadfastly steering towards a digitally empowered future, poised to reap the rewards of technological advancement.


Embracing a future driven by innovation and technology, we are thrilled to introduce the DT100 – a distinguished compilation of influential leaders who have exhibited exceptional dedication to propelling technology and innovation to new heights. These remarkable individuals have redefined leadership through their visionary insights, thereby sculpting the landscape of tomorrow’s advancements. 

The DT100 is an initiative by the Digital Transformation Summit to honor the outstanding contributions of pioneering individuals in technology. This esteemed roster signifies the embodiment of leadership and innovation, transcending boundaries and redefining the contours of possibility.

Nominate yourself to be part of the DT100 and get recognized as one of the 100 tech leaders!

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from these esteemed Industry Experts and more:-

  • Layla Alsalehi, Director of Virtual Healthcare Services Activation Seha Virtual Hospital & Innovation Enablement Center Ministry of Health Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Muhammad Al-Saiyari, Head Of Quantum Computing Saudi Aramco.
  • Ahmad Kawakbi, Director, Digital Strategy, ROSHN
  • Anas Mosa, Director Of Information Technology – PIF Projects Public Investment Fund (PIF)
  • Ehab M Mufti, Executive Director, Procurement Digital Transformation SABIC
  • Adrian Blanck, Chief Digitalization Officer Saudi Aramco Base Oils Co – Luberef
  • Naser AlAbeedi, Director, Architecture & Data Science, Maaden
  • Ahmad Alnafessah – Institute Of Smart Cities Technologies King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology (KACST)

Featured topics at the event

  • Digital Transformation, a key pillar of Saudi Arabia’s National Vision 2030
  • Panel Discussion: Digital Transformation of KSA’s Industry
  • The Future of Quantum Computing in the Digital Journey
  • How good Data governance enables Digital Transformation.
  • Automation and Digitalization – Myths & Realities,
  • AI transforming the Future of Saudi Arabia, 
  • Generative AI: Transforming Creativity and Ethical Considerations,
  • Envisioning an ICT Approach towards the Transformation of KSA,
  • Panel Discussion: Balancing People
  • Process & Technology: Building the Future of Work
  • Saudi Smart Cities – Moving Towards a Sustainable Future
  • The Power of Personalization: Elevating Customer Experience in the Digital Age
  • Saudi Arabia Investing in the Technology of the Future
  • Keynote: Cyber Security – Building resilience while adopting digital transformation

Who will attend?

The Digital Transformation Summit, Saudi Arabia is open to CEOs, MDs, CIOs, IT Heads, CTO, CISOs, CDOs, Heads – Innovation Heads of Data Engineering/Data Science and Analytics from a variety of industries, including Government, BFSI, and Fintech, Telecom, Education, Manufacturing, Healthcare, E-commerce & Retail, Packaging, Pharma & Life sciences, Media, Health & Wellness, Construction, Oil/Energy and Utilities.

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