DigitByte Blockchain aligns with the NIST cybersecurity framework

DigiByte Blockchain has shared insights about how it perfectly aligns with the cybersecurity frameworks that NIST has laid down. An acronym for the National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST majorly emphasizes boosting protection for information and information systems. The goal is to have a security guard to prevent unauthorized use, access, and disclosure of the elements above. It also ensures that no information is destroyed or modified without authorization.

In other words, NIST functions to promote integrity, confidentiality, and data availability.

DigiByte Blockchain emerges as an ideal platform, claiming to meet all the necessary criteria. For starters, its blockchain technology aligns closely with the goals by offering several features. Second, the deployment of cryptographic consensus mechanisms ensures immutability and data integrity.

Blockchain technology, in its fundamental basis, thrives on providing decentralization attributes and tamper-resistance. DigiByte has, in its official post, stated that it is an exemplary platform meeting all the cybersecurity criteria of NIST.

Some of the features sported by DigiByte Blockchain are decentralization, advanced cryptography, multi-algorithm mining, real-time difficulty adjustment, fast transaction speed and low costs, and global security focus.

Decentralization is the essence of blockchain technology to avoid a single-point failure. DigiByte Blockchain follows the principle of offering resistance against unauthorized access and attacks. This enhances the integrity of the system and its availability when required.

NIST’s framework then mentions the need to have protection against unauthorized disclosure and modification. DigiByte archives the same using advanced cryptography. This entails algorithms for the confidentiality and integrity of data.

DigiShield and MultiShield technologies manage real-time difficulty adjustments. Their goal is to provide stability and responsiveness by immediately adjusting mining difficulty. Network disruptions can hamper the availability of systems. Hence, DigiByte has deployed both for immediate adjustment.

The market has recognized DigiByte’s multi-algorithm mining as a unique approach. It democratizes mining and adds another layer of security against attacks. It then drives DigiByte to offer fast transactions at a lower cost. DigiByte is known for its efficiency in the market when it comes to processing transactions. Doing so at an economical cost makes it one of the leading blockchain solutions in the industry. While a low-cost offering often hinders performance, DigiByte maintains its efficiency and processes transactions faster.

The global security focus includes the fact that the global community is engaged in the ecosystem of DigiByte, working to enhance the security and robustness of the network. This makes it a community-driven process that also includes security innovations. All of this has positioned the native token for a brighter future. DigiByte future price prediction estimates that DGB can end 2024 as high as $0.0288. As a point of reference, the token’s value has increased by 5.72% in the past 24 hours to $0.01373.

DigiByte has expressed its commitment to keeping its blockchain technology intact, which will probably further enhance its performance in the future.

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