As the market recovers DigiToads & Pepe attract investors eyeing crypto fortunes

Market sentiment grows bolder by the day. Institutional money managers are openly long on Bitcoin (BTC), and the rapid advancements in scalability powered by roll-up solutions mean crypto now has the financial backing and technological infrastructure to be globally adopted. 

Crypto native DeFi companies increasingly relocate to Kong Kong or the United Arab Emirates, meaning there is no shortage of pro-crypto regulation states, and the real question is, what ERC20 coins should investors buy before the bull returns? 

Market recovery has pushed strength back into the memecoin genre, and two projects specifically come out ahead of the rest: DigiToads (TOADS) and Pepe (PEPE), both are attracting investors eyeing crypto fortunes. 

DigiToads (TOADS) memecoin exterior utility interior

Investors seeking the returns only possible in crypto may already be aware of DigiToads, and this new entrant has drawn attention from across the space. The doxxed team behind TOADS has cleverly leveraged memecoin marketing to raise over $6 million, but closer inspection of $TOADS reveals a token grounded in utility. 

DigiToads (TOADS) implements the classic burning mechanism employed by most meme coins but takes things a step further. The Swamp (the DigiToads ecosystem) features a taxation system for entering and leaving. It directs this capital towards holders, funds value accrual mechanisms and finances the NFT staking payout pool. 

The Toad Tax burns 2% of every transaction occurring within The Swamp, introducing a direct link between ecosystem activity and burn rate. In this regard, the $TOADS burn mechanism performs similarly to Ethereum (ETH) and EIP-1559. This scarcity will rapidly increase the value of $TOADS, and analysts even believe it could cause the token to surge more than 1,200% within four weeks of launch. 

Other ecosystem utilities include an active treasury management system through the Platinum Toads initiative letting the best community traders grow the treasury via on-chain trading. The NFT staking mechanism allows owners of a Toads NFT to collect passive income and turn their digital collectible into a capital asset.

And The Swamp even features an education resource to improve community trading skills alongside charity initiatives to preserve the rainforest, meaning TOADS is not just one of the top altcoins but also a project making a tangible difference to the world. 


Pepe (PEPE) spawns imitators

The emergence can see Pepe’s (PEPE) success of imitators and new DeFi projects piggybacking on its success, such as $PEPE2. However, this fad will be short-lived, and liquidity will rotate back into the originator over the coming weeks. 

Pepe (PEPE) provides the perfect example of a memecoin without purpose outside of speculation and, for this reason, makes an excellent litmus test for market sentiment. Increased appetite for $PEPE means market participants feel confident and could foreshadow the beginning of a more significant market rally. 

Analysts remain upbeat regarding the fate of this frog-themed memecoin forecasting $PEPE could trade as high as $0.00000472 in 2024. 

Closing thoughts: Year of the frog 

What are the best altcoins to invest in? Dogs are out, and frogs are in. Investors who want to earn crypto fortunes need to target newer projects with smaller market caps, as this defines the multiple a project is capable of.

$PEPE and $TOADS are perfect examples of explosive meme coins with relatively low market caps capable of printing serious multiples in the next bull market. Especially TOADS, as the token is still in its presale, investors will be early participants before it launches on decentralized exchanges. This allows them to get a real leg up on the competition. Participate in today’s TOADS presale and become one step closer to crypto riches.  

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