Pepe fades out of relevance, & activity has dropped by 80%, but DigiToads gets started

There’s a lot that has been keeping the crypto market abuzz, and on top of the list is the declining popularity of Pepe. Not too long ago, the meme coin was among the best cryptocurrency to buy in the market, but its bull run has finally ended. According to market reports, analysts see Pepe fading out as its activity has dropped by 80%. Having said that, another meme coin that has been steadily making strides in the crypto market is DigiToads. Powered by the Ethereum network, the meme coin has been making waves with its state-of-the-art economic framework that offers users multiple options for earning passive income.

DigiToads: The utility of 3 cryptos in one token

If you are wondering what cryptos to buy now, DigiToads is a dependable project to choose from on any given day. The cryptocurrency has set the market abuzz with its nuanced model that sports the utility of three different tokens – a meme coin, a Web 3.0 game, and a stake-to-earn platform. So, you get three times the utility with a single token. You can stake assets, trade them, win cryptocurrencies as rewards by participating in a play-to-earn game, win prizes daily or weekly, and compete in trading contests. 

With DigiToads, your prospects to earn passive income are endless. To access any of the opportunities, one would first have to acquire the TOADS token, which is the primary cryptocurrency of the DigiToads network. 

The TOADS token, which has already made it to every analyst’s best cryptocurrency ico list, is currently available on presale. The token’s presale process has been the subject of much talk in cryptoverse because of the funding that it has raked in in just seven stages. At $4.7 million, the TOADS token ico has been one of the most successful ones of the year so far. If you haven’t bought the token yet, don’t 

worry; there are still three more stages to go. 

Another USP of the DigiToads token is that it doubles up as a governance token. The token plays an important role in implementing DigiToads’ decentralized governance structure. All token 

holders are given voting rights to express their views about proposals floated by community members. A proposal is accepted only if it enjoys the most token holders’ votes. 

Talking about the DigiToads team’s plans for the future, it’s hard to miss the platform’s community-centric focus. For instance, in the next few months, DigiToads community members holding at least three NFTs would be able to attend knowledge sessions about cryptocurrencies and boost their knowledge about these digital assets. The team would give 2.5% of its annual profits to organizations working dedicatedly to promote rainforest preservation and replanting trees.

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Is Pepe headed for the bearish zone? What are analysts saying?

Pepe is a top altcoin inspired by memes of ‘Pepe, the frog’ that have been entertaining people for years. The meme token is also powered by Ethereum, and its native token is PEPE. The token is a deflationary coin, meaning its holders don’t have to worry about their holdings losing value to market volatility or price fluctuations. Every deflationary token’s supply is controlled to ensure that all extra tokens in circulation are promptly destroyed, so the token availability is always scarce. A limited supply, in turn, keeps the value of the PEPE token stable. 

Is Pepe headed for the bearish zone

Another key USP of Pepe is that it has a no-tax policy, so PEPE token holders don’t have to pay any transaction charges. The past few months have been quite problematic for PEPE holders as the token price has sent mixed signals. Market experts feel that the PEPE coin is likely to enter bearish territory.


Both DigiToads and Pepe have impressed the world with their features from time to time. However, if you compare the two DigiToads comes out as a clear winner. Even if you consider what cryptocurrency analysts say, DigiToads has the upper hand over Pepe. Analysts have appreciated the platform’s hybrid economic design and its multifaceted model. DigiToads is among the altcoins to watch out for if you are eyeing long-term gains, as you can leverage any of its opportunities to build a sustained source of passive income. Market experts who have reviewed the TOADS token suggest that it has the potential to soar by 30x in the coming months.

For more information on DigiToads, visit the website, join the presale, or join the community for regular updates.

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