DigiToads outshines ETH’s competitor, LUKSO, ahead of TOADS launch

A pendulum swing has occurred across the ecosystem. In the last cycle, more scalable alternative layer ones dominated DeFi. Still, the advent of layer two scaling solutions built on top of and settling on Ethereum seeks the return of an ETH-dominated landscape.

In practical terms, this makes new DeFi projects launching within the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem the best altcoins to invest in, as broad ecosystem growth bolsters the valuation of all constituent parts. DigiToads (TOADS) decision to launch within this ecosystem has led it to outshine Ethereum’s competitor LUKSO (LYX) ahead of the TOADS launch.

DigiToads (TOADS) presale continues soaring

The DigiToads presale shows no sign of its momentum abating and has already raised $6.2 million, with all on-chain data indicating a continuation of the trend. But why have TOADS been more successful in raising funds than other new ICOs crypto?

DigiToads (TOADS) puts the community first and offers a self-contained DeFi earning vehicle tied together with deflationary tokenomics abstracting the earning process to buy and hold.

$TOADS holders benefit enormously from the ecosystem’s taxation system, the Toad Tax. It burns 2% of all transactions and allows long-term holders to own an increasingly larger percentage of the total supply while putting upwards pressure on price.

The Platinum Toads initiative integrates an asset management feature for all $TOADS holders, with 12 skilled on-chain traders selected monthly to trade and grow the treasury.

But the earning possibilities do not stop there. DigiToads (TOADS) features a play-to-earn game where users can battle toad NFTs and earn real cash. Players can purchase items at the store to improve their TOADS battling prowess, and each season the top 25% receive part of the seasonal prize pool.

Every season all community members will receive an airdrop, and the TOADS education platform, The School of Toads, offers a comprehensive trading course allowing users to become skilled market participants.

The NFT staking mechanic provides another source of passive income for $TOADS holders but only those fast enough to mint a TOADS NFT. This all-encompassing approach employed by DigiToads, alongside the numerous revenue sources for investors within the ecosystem, makes it an excellent crypto for beginners and one of the altcoins to watch over the coming months.


LUKSO (LYX) creative economy blockchain

LUKSO, a new layer one blockchain, was released specifically for application within creative industries. Fabian Vogelsteller, an early Ethereum (ETH) contributor responsible for creating the token standard for ERC20 coins, spearheads the project.

LUKSO (LYX) has been designed with the fluid nature of the fashion and content economy in mind and offers a technological playground for creative professionals. LUKSO focuses on tokenizing creative industry assets, bringing them on-chain, and providing product identification services for fashion items throughout their lifespan. Additionally, LUKSO powers the virtualization of the creative industry, creating virtual spaces for physical products.

Analysts forecast LUKSO trading between $14.08 and $16.54, citing the potential for colossal demand if the network is successful in onboarding a substantial percentage of the creative economy.

Closing thoughts: Ecosystems deliver value 

Why DigiToads (TOADS) outperformed LUKSO (LYX)? The answer is simple, the DigiToads ecosystem, The Swamp, creates a robust flywheel within the broader Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem. This generates more significant value creation for investors.

The DigiToads (TOADS) presale is currently in its tenth and final stage of presale and will soon progress to its launch at $0.055.

Early investors have already seen 370% gains, and at launch, due to no vesting period, investors will be fully liquid. Take advantage of this dynamically adjusting price and participate today!

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