PancakeSwap faces token unlock woes DigiToads presale experiences unexpected success

It is common to have new projects introduced into the cryptocurrency market daily. While most of these coins fail and fall off the market, others deliver their promises and rise to the top in no time. DigiToads is one of the few coins that start in the right direction and continue to deliver on its promises.

This post will dig deeper into the DigiToads presale performance and understand why PancakeSwap is flopping. Let’s jump in.

DigiToads: The most utility-loaded meme coin in the crypto space

DigiToads is a meme coin revolutionizing the crypto industry with its deflationary, utility-rich, ad community-oriented features.

DigiToads sets itself apart from other meme coins due to its unique features. Popular meme coins such as Dogecoin depend on speculation to drive their value. In contrast, DigiToads is full of utility and has a deflationary feature built into it to ensure a controlled supply.

Some of the features that make DigiToads truly unique include NFTs, play-to-earn gaming, NFT staking, platinum TOADS, and the bonus is DigiToads’ focus on preserving the environment.

The play-to-earn gaming aspect of the DigiToads ecosystem is blended with the NFT feature. This allows DigiToads investors to own, breed and battle unique digital pets known as Toads. This way, players can earn cash prizes when they win in battles and also own NFTs that they can use to generate additional income.

DigiToads also has an NFT staking platform that ensures the DigiToads community is always rewarded. 2% of all TOADS transactions are added to the staking pool. The pool is then used to reward those who have staked their NFTs depending on how long the NFTS are staked.

Traders on the DigiToads platform can also benefit from Platinum Toads. There will be 12 platinum Toads that are awarded to the most skilled traders. Holding a platinum Toad gives a trader access to ½ of the TOADS treasury and a chance to receive part of 10% of all trading profits.

The DigiToads team is also very passionate about supporting the toads in the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon rainforest hosts numerous species of Toads and frogs, which are in constant danger as the effects of capitalism lead to deforestation in their home. DigiToads will donate 2.5% of its sales to charities involved with reforestation and preservation measures in the rainforest.

DigiToads is currently in the 6th Lilypad stage of its presale; by the time you read this, I am sure it will be on its 7th Lilypad. So far. The project has attracted the interest of many investors, raising over $3 million and creating a robust community of followers on different social platforms. With only 4 stages of the presale remaining and a price increase around the corner, it’s the best time to join the DigiToads presale if you haven’t done so already.

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PancakeSwap faces token unlock woes

Due to emerging concerns about the health of the traditional banking industry, sparked by the collapse of major crypto-related banks, people have lost confidence in both centralized and decentralized players in the crypto space.

PancakeSwap, a prominent decentralized exchange, is one of the platforms that has felt the effect of this change in the market.

One of the reasons for PancakeSwap’s decline is the proposal put forward by the platform’s leaders. According to the proposal, CAKE token inflation will be reduced from the current 20% to about 3%-5%. Cutting the CAKE inflation rates will supercharge PancakeSwap towards a deflationary model based on real yield and CAKE burn. However, it will also reduce the number of returns that investors gate, which most investors were unhappy about.

Final Word

As PancakeSwap faces problems and investors’ resistance regarding its CAKE proposals, the DigiToads presale has continued to deliver unexpectedly high results. With over $3 million raised so far, and a robust community of supporters on all social platforms, DigiToads is headed toward even greater success.

Join the presale today before the price increases so you, too, can become part of the community that is reaping gains from the incredible presale growth. Joining the presale today also puts you in the pool of people who can win grand cash prizes.

For more information on DigiToads, visit the website, join the presale, or join the community for regular updates.

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