DigiToads presale stage 4 shows impressive growth potential while Monero & Quant prices stagnate

From barely 50 cryptocurrencies in 2013 to thousands of options almost a decade after – the growth of the global cryptocurrency market has been very impressive. DigiToads has been one of the most impressive launches of 2023, and it has garnered positive reviews from crypto users and analysts owing to its stellar code architecture. Balancing ease of access with versatility, DigiToads has been making strides with a unique crypto model.

DigiToads: Decoding the DeFi effect

If analysts are to believe DigiToads is among the best new ICOs crypto rolled out this year. The hybrid model means one can explore multiple opportunities for earning residual incomes and becoming financially empowered. Plus, you can diversify your portfolio without buying different crypto tokens. 

Its native token, TOADS, is the starting point for all users as it bankrolls all transactional uses – whether participating in the DigiToads Web 3.0 game, swapping NFTs, or competing in trading contests. If you are interested, you can purchase these tokens on presale, which is currently in its fourth stage. The team has decided to divide the presale phase of the token into 10 parts.

DigiToads is an ideal option if you are looking to learn about cryptocurrency trading for beginners. Given how simple it is to purchase this token, even first-time crypto users can manage without any hitches. One of how the DigiToads team has managed to simplify the process is by minimizing restrictions on the payment mode. One can use popular altcoins like SOL, USDT, USDC, or BTC for purchasing the TOADS token. Plus, for holding or storing your tokens, you can opt for Moonpay, Trust Wallet, or MetaMask. With no lock-in period, buyers will get ownership of the tokens as soon as the transaction is complete. 

Over time, users can look forward to learning a lot more from the platform and team. For instance, the DigiToads team would be choosing skilled traders from its community through trading competitions that will be conducted every month. These traders would be helping the team manage the treasury fund. The team also has plans to open a think tank called ‘TOADS School’, where you attend sessions to boost your knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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Where is Monero headed? Hear what analysts are saying

Monero is a privacy-centric cryptocurrency, and the top altcoin has made waves in the crypto market with the high-end privacy and security it offers users while making online transactions. The platform leverages cutting-edge technologies like an authentication process with multi-signature, stealth addresses, and Ring Confidential Transactions to minimize fraud and security leaks. 

The technology and advanced cryptography make tracing the users’ details impossible. Its native token is XMR. Plus, all users are mandated ‘anonymous’ on the network, so there’s zero chance of a transaction being processed for the wrong user. The platform leverages RandomX, a proof-of-work consensus algorithm, for validating transactions. It replaced CryptoNightR in 2019. In recent weeks, the XMR token has been less volatile, which analysts feel may push it into a bullish zone for the short term. 

Why do analysts feel that Quant is a safe crypto option? 

The top altcoin was established to create an efficient, interoperable network of blockchains and dApps that could scale seamlessly. Quant is often credited for solving the interoperability challenge for decentralized systems by developing a blockchain-based operating system. Its native token is QNT which is the primary crypto coin on the network. 

OverLedger powers the platform’s flagship operating system and connects different blockchains. Its key USP is that developers can use it to deploy scalable dApps with multi-chain benefits. To develop cutting-edge dApps on the Quant network, developers must hold a certain minimum amount of QNT tokens. In the wake of the recent regulatory crackdown on cryptocurrencies in countries like the US, analysts suggest that the QNT token is among the safer and more dependable options available in the market. Plus, the lack of volatility and its stable price will likely push it toward the bull territory.

Why is DigiToads considered a top altcoin?

The stellar growth that DigiToads has shown in its presale stage has set the pace for what analysts are describing as a bright future. According to them, its growth potential is a crucial factor that might lead it to outperform even leading crypto projects like Monero and Quant. Regarding returns, analysts expect the token to cross the 50x mark in the coming months. For those struggling to decide what crypto I should buy, it’s time to trust the experts’ opinion of DigiToads.

For more information on DigiToads, visit the website, join the presale, or join the community for regular updates.

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