Cardano continues to make waves, but DigiToads presale ignites the market

Cardano (ADA) price changes are stirring much interest in the market. The coin finally broke out from $0.2, removing some lost ground. For some time, the project has been engaged in a legal tussle. While the case is still on, it shows investors it can weather the storm regardless of external pressure. DigiToads, on the other hand, is on a good run; the ERC 20 token has earned over $6.1 million in its ongoing ICO. TOADS is poised to achieve better milestones next month on the official launch.

Read more to understand the success of DigiToads and Cardano’s comeback amid a court case with the SEC.

DigiToads Achieves $6 Million in Presale, Success Down to its Multifaceted Nature

DigiToads has maintained a steady run that finally broke the $6 million mark in a matter of months. The ERC-20 token has been the center of attention; its efficiency in combining two fundamentals of modern crypto has made it a talking point. 

The coin received a label as the best portfolio booster early on and has managed to live up to the tag as its presale nears its end. Stage one saw the project break some records of any presale. At that point, the coin went for $0.01, quickly going through stages, jumping up 370%. DigiToads is now currently on presale stage 9 out of 10; the project will touch the 400% mark with projected potential given its rapid growth to cross  450% and some upon launch.

Astonishingly, the market grapples with various pressures stemming from political, legal, and environmental matters. DigiToads has stood its ground and soldiered on unabated to a few weeks shy of its presale. Since then, it has launched its NFT collection, bringing its meme root to life. Any person interested can have a piece via the website. In addition, the NFTs are in the OpenSea marketplace for anyone to buy. 


TOAD NFTs go a long way for those invested in the project. Ordinarily, they are assets capable of generating income in various marketplaces when sold at a profit. However, beyond this function, they work as battle characters in P2E, another revenue source for the DigiToads community. 

Gaming sessions in the project are broken down into several seasons. Each season takes about a month, giving enough time for die-hard gamers to show their capabilities behind the screen as they face off with others similarly gifted in gaming. Winners appear on the leaderboards. The top 25% have access to prize pools, which improve their stake in the DigiToads ecosystem. 

The gaming arena gives more than the competition. It highlights the true beauty of the DigiToads metaverse. It also provides an environment to grow battle characters. It is also a place to interact and learn about the direction the DigiToads project will take upon achieving some milestones.

DigiToads’ anticipated launch is something TOAD holders will love and appreciate. It comes at a moment when other crypto projects are gaining momentum. In addition, it also promises a 30% spike in the value of TOADS, meaning instant gains. The project will launch in mid-August and should usher in an era of unequaled experience in the swamp metaverse and other features offered.

Cardano Continues to Impress on a Backdrop of Heightened Pressure from the SEC

Cardano weekly charts highlight a situation that all ADA investors like to see. The asset is up 24% on the daily charts, breaking a tag of war held at the $0.28 point. ADA’s price action set it up for massive gains in market cap. The news comes from a court case that alleges it is a security. However, its rises fall within the current crypto climate, showing signs of recovery after a slump. 


Cardano (ADA) is on a good run, which will inspire investors already worried about the court action taken by the SEC. As things stand, it is up 24%. Similarly, DigiToads continues to inspire new projects. Its native token is up 370% already, and in about a month, the figure will jump to benefit early investors. 

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