Dikemex Network Builds Metaverse and NFT Platform

As blockchain is making its way into the mainstream arena, it paves the path for DeFi, NFT, and crypto. That is why the industry is witnessing promising ventures like Dikemex Network emerging in huge numbers.

The live streaming platform proposes multiple use-cases in different niches. From dApps, crypto, hot wallets to NFTs, Dikemex Network is promptly expanding its ecosystem. The venture is even building its Metaverse and NFT marketplace.

Despite releasing in 2020, the end-to-end scalable platform serves advanced functions like developing live streaming platforms via blockchain technology. In addition, Dikemex Network even rewards users for streaming and sharing content on the platform.

The more contributions a user makes, the better rewards they can get. Since the venture supports multiple devices, users can share the content across any operating system without hindering the quality. 

In addition, the network cuts down the video delivery cost of platforms while promoting user engagement and driving new prospects. With its user-centric approach, Diikemex Network can appeal to a widespread audience. Plus, the venture integrates smart contracts functionality to help users digitally own assets.

The functionality also allows users access to consumption-payment models, trustless crowdfunding, seamless royalty distribution, and more. It adds an extra layer of user interaction and economic stability to the platform, boosting the user retention rate.

Besides such use-cases, the network is expanding its wings in niches like NFTs as well. Dikemex Network has even curated a customized NFT system for users. 

What is NFT in Dikemex Network?

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are no longer an alien concept for the masses. The year witnessed several NFT-based projects raking in billions of dollars. The phenomenon breached unconventional sectors like real estate while promoting mainstream industries like gaming and music.

NFTs have emerged as a blessing for artists, and Dikemex Network is elevating its use. The network is offering a platform where artists can auction their work and collectibles. In addition, it will conduct product listings and auctions, including in-game items, encrypted collections, virtual autographs, digital art, and more.

Exclusiveness is the primary selling point for NFTs as they only have one official owner at once. In addition, blockchain technology backs them, making their duplication or replication impossible.

As a live streaming-focused platform, Dikemex Network will allow users to stream and earn in NFTs. In addition, the platform will offer a dedicated section where viewers can incentivize the streamers with NFT Item Gifts.

Moreover, Dikemex can allow gaming operators to trace in-game assets’ ownership and boost the in-game economy while rewarding the players. In addition, gamers can incentive their in-game efforts by trading the items. The upcoming Dikemex NFT marketplace will present a trading platform for such purposes.

The network will also benefit developers by offering royalty rewards on items. A prime example of the situation will be a developer earning rewards if one of his items is resold on the marketplace. It even secures the in-game mechanics as even if the game goes down, players’ NFTs will remain secure. 

With such functionalities, Dikemex will become an ideal metaverse for NFT and blockchain-related activities. Dikemex’s Metaverse will attract gamers, developers, operators, and artists alike as a fully functional virtual space. 

Additionally, the network plans to release its native token termed DIK. It will serve as a governance token, assigning administrative authorities to users. However, Dikemex has fixed the token supply of DIK at 11 billion units, creating an artificial scarcity.

Besides governance, DIK holders can also use the token for NFT exchange, video sharing, payment, live streaming, and smart contract integration. Here is an overview of how token allocation works:

  • The platform will keep 10% of the pot for advisors and the team
  • Another 10% will be used for seeding purposes
  • It will maintain a 20% reserve for private use-cases
  • Staking will account for 20% of the token supply
  • It will keep 15% for community development and marketing
  • The remaining will be distributed between public (10%), foundational (5%), and partnership reserves (10%)

With the growing demand for NFTs, such use-cases will help Dikemex Network cruise through the sector. Plus, its customized NFT marketplace and Metaverse will also serve a significant role in the long term. Click here to explore more about Dikemex Network’s roadmap and upcoming updates.

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