Discovering the next 100x is easy. Buying and holding it to 100x is hard

The best-performing cryptocurrency projects are not the most established and extensive cryptocurrencies. Most projects that reach 100x are typically altcoins with smaller market caps but have massive utility and functionalities. Finding these projects is fairly easy. However, the challenge becomes holding these tokens and coins until they make 100x returns through capital gains. One of the most prominent upcoming crypto projects is Bitcoin Spark. This is Why Bitcoin Spark will be 100x in the incoming bull market.

The best crypto projects to buy

The best crypto projects to buy are usually those with massive potential to generate significant gains quickly. Bitcoin and Ethereum are great investment deals. However, more lucrative deals in altcoins, such as Bitcoin Spark, are more lucrative, and only a few investors have found out about them. Bitcoin Spark attracts whales from other projects like Ethereum due to its outstanding roadmap that indicates the platform’s imminent success in becoming the top Bitcoin alternative network.

Bitcoin Spark is the ultimate crypto gem investors are talking about

Bitcoin Spark stands out as an upcoming crypto platform that intends to solve the shortcomings experienced by network participants on the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin Spark has pioneered an improved consensus mechanism, a cheaper and scalable network, faster transaction speeds, and a decentralized ecosystem. To achieve its objectives, Bitcoin Spark will provide an open-source network with cheaper transaction costs associated with increased node operators and reduced running costs. 

The reduced transaction costs allow the network to compete against major blockchain networks like Ethereum. The Bitcoin Spark network will allow anyone with a smart device to become a network validator through the Bitcoin Spark ethos feature. 

The mining will occur in software applications for different but common operating systems found on smart devices today. Mining activities on these devices make the process available to millions worldwide. On the contrary, Bitcoin mining is highly centralized, and most mining activities are initiated and executed by two mining firms, Foundry USA and Antpool.

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS)

The increased node operators offer a true path to decentralization. Since many participants will run the network, it would be next to impossible to conduct a 51% attack, a risk to the Bitcoin network.

Upon mainnet release, BTCS tokens will be the network’s gas coin, and users will pay for transaction fees using the coin. The charges will initially resemble the charging systems in gas networks like Ethereum and Bitcoin, where the fee will vary depending on the instantaneous demand, amount transacted, and product revenue. 

Users who execute transactions with a higher product revenue than BTCS market capitalization will incur lower gas free. On the flip side, participants who initiate transactions with a lower product revenue will incur higher charges. However, these charges will still be competitively lower than those incurred on the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks.

The network will, however, convert to a gasless network after implementing its plan of establishing two income sources. The income generated from these two revenue sources will be used as mining rewards that network participants will have to “work” on the network to get allocated to their designated individual BTCS addresses. BTCS tokens are currently available for $3 in the ongoing presale for investors looking to 100x their portfolio in the incoming bull cycle.

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