Disney Rejects Tron Trademarks — How Will That Affect Tron?

Tron has been gaining tremendous success recently. Despite the success, Tron has experienced certain hiccups at times; the most recent one being the outright rejection of Tron’s Trademarks by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

According to a recent report, TRON’s CEO Justin Sun tried to register three Tron-related trademarks in the US via a Chinese partner, Raybo Technology. The applications were rejected by the USPTO following Disney’s objection. In its filing, Disney argued that Justin Sun’s Tron was “highly similar” to its own, in terms of font and stylization. Disney owns the rights of popular sci-fi movies “Tron” and “Tron Legacy.”

However, Disney’s objection will not affect the core branding of Tron. In other words, the company will be able to keep its name. However, some things will change, especially when it comes to Tron’s presence in the US market.

What to Expect from Tron in the Future?

Tron’s primary goal is to become a content distribution platform that would provide a different perspective on how digital content is shared, as it is mainly based on blockchain technology.

Apart from Tron, another token many crypto enthusiasts love is Ripple. If you don’t know much about it, you can learn more in this introduction to Ripple cryptocurrency and find out why many people think it will become the most popular crypto in the future.

Both Tron and Ripple enjoy a lot of attention, and many crypto enthusiasts watch closely how prices of these cryptocurrencies change every day. Although the Disney issue may cause some problems along the way, it’s very early to say that it could affect Justin Sun’s project.

On the other hand, Justin Sun has already gained a reputation for a somewhat eccentric approach to marketing, trying to manipulate the prices of his cryptocurrency with some brave marketing stunts. Therefore, one cannot help but wonder whether this rejection by Disney was, in fact, deliberate and is supposed to create more hype around Tron.

Yet, Disney, an entertainment empire, is no stranger to having complete control over their trademarks, so it’s not impossible for them to press this matter further and affect the price of TRX in the process.

Therefore, it’s rather impossible to tell where things will go from here. This could be just another small obstacle to overcome or it could grow into a full-scale legal battle between Tron and Disney.

According to Justin Sun, this is nothing to be concerned about, but there’s always a reason when companies such as Disney and Tron are involved. For that reason, investors need to pay close attention to the news related to Tron and make their decisions wisely and carefully along the way.

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