DLive Launches BTT Staking on Platform to Give Back Incentives to Community

Video content streaming platform announced today the launch of the BitTorrent staking feature. This exclusive feature will allow DLive to reward incentives to the community for participating in the overall growth of the platform. In the official announcement, DLive stated that users need to have a TronLink browser extension in order to use the DLive Stake System.

BitTorrent boss Justin Sun tweeted that users will receive 25% of DLive’s everyday revenue by staking BTT. “For example, if there is $10,000 worth of LEMON donated on DLive in one day, $2,500 worth of BTT token will be distributed to BTT Stakeholders in the next day,” the platform informed in the statement.

DLive is a blockchain-based video content streaming, one of the only challengers to Google’s YouTube. In fact, DLive has also managed to rope in YouTube’s biggest individual creator Felix Arvid Kjellberg aka PewDiePie, and other popular YouTubers as well. It is powered by BitTorrent, a sub blockchain now owned by the TRON Network.

It was reported earlier this month that BitTorrent product usage was up by more than 30% in Q1 of 2020, with daily active users on DLive doubling in the same period. Also, considering the Coronavirus pandemic, DLive started the StayATHome 2 million Lemon Giveaway, to reward the users for staying at home, which will end on April 30.

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