Dmail accessible via Manta Wallet through partnership

Manta Network goes ahead and forges an exclusive collaboration with Dmail through which the users of Manta Wallet will be able to connect with Dmail by utilizing their Manta Wallet public addresses. In the case of Dmail, it has completed incorporating the Calamari Network. This is Manta Network’s canary net. As a part of its plans, Dmail is determined to integrate Manta Network into its deliverance. Through this very collaboration, the aim and intention lie in providing the opportunity for users to lay their hands on safe and private communication tools. This will be a landmark moment where email communications in Web3 are concerned. 

With the incorporation of Manta Wallet, the connected users will find themselves able to connect easily with Dmail and enter their website with the help of their Manta Wallet public address. One is assured that this will be a comfortable exposure for users of the Manta Wallet. The users will have a direct connection with Dmail’s decentralized email framework through which they can send and receive emails in a privacy-oriented environment, along with the safety features being in place. It will also be possible for the users of Manta Wallet to exchange mail with the help of SpaceID and ENS. 

Where Manta Network is concerned, it is a zk layer 1 blockchain with excellent prover speed and a decentralized establishment that encourages programmable privacy on Web3. Its arsenal contains its prime products and technologies, such as the zkNFTs and the MantaPay. These provide the opportunity of getting connected with the ZK-enabled use cases. 

In the case of Dmail, it is an email notification-oriented Web3 multi-chain framework offering unified and real-world communication services in the realms of cross-chain, along with cross-application. There is also the factor of managing community relations and the Web3 marketplace goings-on.

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