dmail System Gets Launched on Telos Blockchain

dmail, an innovational software that enhances blockchain interaction, has been implemented on the Telos blockchain with more than 1 trillion MAIL tokens produced for the Telos community.

dmail is an application that intends to improve the client experience for applications on the Telos blockchain, by empowering clients to send messages to everyone and enabling applications to update their clients without requesting personal data. On October 7, 2019, the anti-spam and privacy protection focused dmail framework was launched on the Telos Network.

As of now, blockchain applications could only interface with clients through the UI application alone or through the complex mechanism of the memo field on a signed transaction. Several applications require the client to include their email or telephone number for communication. The dmail application changes this by empowering applications to send clients a text-rich data like email, instantly to their blockchain accounts.

Compared to traditional email, the dmail application offers more advantages such as

  • Simple authentication of sender accounts
  • Removing the plausibility of phishing
  • Does not require the client to give their personal data
  • An anti-spam process through the MAIL token

A few reasons why the dmail team has selected to use Telos blockchain are for the speed and agility of its software network, reasonable deployment expenses, and quickly growing developer network.

Telos has always been attention-grabbing as a chain where there is more opportunity to innovate. Besides, Telos has less expensive resources, for instance, by a factor of around 20 times from EOS mainnet.

When questioned about dmail, Telos Foundation CPO Justin Giudici said,

We are incredibly excited to assist dmail in bringing secure and spam-free communication to Telos users and application developers. We already have several applications and enterprises interested in utilizing dmail. We are also making plans to use dmail within the foundation to engage with the Telos community at scale.

When something as fundamental as email appears to be an issue, blockchains have found it difficult to find an answer to how to execute a successful messaging system from the beginning of Bitcoin. dmail is one of the first organizations handling this issue more easily and effectively.

Succinctly, from dmail, we can anticipate more interesting developments, which include the addition of traditional attachments, stock deeds, crypto-based resources, tickets, and digital collectibles. From dmail’s perspective, Telos came from extraordinary technologists, who helped to implement EOS mainnet and wanted to make blockchains more user-friendly and accessible.

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