DMScript Announces Partnership with OVH for Their Optimized Servers

The United Kingdom-based blockchain gaming company DMScript announced on Sunday that it has partnered with renowned cloud computing solutions provider OVHcloud, to utilize their optimized servers. In the official blog on Medium, the company said they would use OVHcloud services for Higglo, a new gaming platform expected to launch soon.

As part of the strategic partnership, OVH will also provide cloud computing and server maintenance for DMPlay in sync with nVidia’s technology to provide a seamless and efficient user experience. On the other hand, Higglo will use OVH services to avoid lags, crash downs, and overload delays due to high traffic. DMScript has been inactive in the community for a long time, which it admitted in the official announcement, and said that the team was busy building the Higglo platform that is due for launch soon along with DMPlay.

Blockchain-based gaming is one of the fastest-growing segments in the crypto-blockchain industry, along with DeFi and gambling. The growing demand leads to higher & faster computing, quick processing cloud data, and 24/7 maintenance.

Partnering with established names like OVH and nVIDIA gives DMScript a great technological advantage and will allow the company to focus on its core strength, and that’s building blockchain-based online games. Such partnerships, like the one with OVH, will help DMScript to employ more capital. Intellectual resources are building unique and wholesome experiences for the gamers, while OVH takes the responsibility to ensure the smooth functioning of the servers.

Jaimin G.

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