Arbitrum posts a 89 percent loss this month, does Avorak AI have stronger potential?

The recent market volatility contributed to significant losses, and the DeFi space is still rejuvenating. One of the casualties is Arbitrum, which recently announced airdrops in line with pre-launch prices. Arbitrum news posted an 89 percent loss this month, as its website went down amid chaos of airdrop claims. As investors go for the more stable AI crypto, attention is turning to Avorak AI and its potential to perform better in the current market. Let’s explore what drives Avorak AI ahead of the other cryptocurrencies and why it might be a solid investment option for investors looking to weather the recent storm.

Arbitrum (ARB)

Arbitrum is a Layer 2 scaling and smart contract solution built for Ethereum that returns scalable, faster, and cheaper transactions on the network. However, the Arbitrum price witnessed a massive drop leading to 89 percent losses prompting investors to question its long-term viability. However, the losses are attributable to the delicate cryptocurrency’s market nature. 

In addition, the increased competition from the other layer 2 players like Polygon could be chopping the Arbitrum price. Whether the ARB price remains volatile will be seen once airdrop claims are settled. Many investors are hesitant to invest in cryptocurrencies due to their unpredictable nature, which has led to a shift in demand for coins like AVRK.

Avorak AI (AVRK)

Avorak is introducing AI tools for data analysis and decision-making with the potential to analyze volumes of market data and identify patterns. Avorak AI strives to solve the limitations of human capabilities, such as errors, fatigue, and health and safety, and prevent missed targets and opportunities. Avorak can analyze market data, manage risks and identify patterns through its comprehensive AI tool suite. Avorak AI introduces Avorak Trade, a trading tool that can help traders continuously scan the market for prudent decisions, thus boosting their confidence, especially when new to the crypto trading landscape.

Avorak AI

In its third phase of the ICO, Avorak AI is going at $0.145, with a bonus of 8%, and investors are making a kill even before launch. Early investors who saw the potential of the current price performance are reaping big. The new investors are acquiring the token before the end of phase three on April 6, which will witness further price increases before the launch.

AI is also deploying helpful blockchain-based AI technologies such as text and image generators and chatbots. Marketers, NFT developers, and diverse users can leverage Avorak Write to create original error-free images and texts that meet their preferences. Further, Avorak AI produces non-plagiarized content that satisfies the tone and style input by the user.

Avorak Write

AVRK’s price potential

According to experts, Avorak AI expects to launch with an initial price of $0.270, representing a 350% increase from its initial ICO price. Avorak AI’s success is showcasing its capabilities through its high praise from industry experts, such as Crypto Labs and Crypto Epoch, further fueling bullish sentiment toward the AVRK token. With a growing community of supporters and a reputation for innovation, AVRK is revolutionizing the AI crypto space.


Avorak AI is poised to become a significant player in the cryptocurrency market. In addition, the platform’s unique approach to combining AI and blockchain technology could drive significant long-term growth. As such, investors keep tabs on AVRK’s progress and eagerly anticipate the platform’s official launch as Arbitrum news of losses unfolds.

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