DODO Becomes First Member of DeFi Suite of Arbitrum

In an important announcement, Arbitrum has included DODO in its suite of decentralized applications (dApps). This inclusion will help bring the desired amount of liquidity to the network of multiple blockchains, thereby helping the segment further its influence and appeal among prospective users and investors. The integration will result in multiple benefits for the stakeholders cutting across the value chain. First, it will allow for faster transactions with greater processing speed as the deployment of the smart contracts will attain a greater pace in the future. Second, the benefits accrued in the first step can be realized at low fees.

Arbitrum offers a complete Ethereum Virtual Machine compatibility, and the project is categorized under the layer-2 scalability solution. It offers considerably fast and cheaper transaction solutions to customers, proving extremely beneficial for the users of DODO. The Proactive Market Maker (PMM) algorithm developed by the DODO team is extremely relevant, and now in conjunction with the scalability solution of Arbitrum, it will help the entire segment of DeFi.

The process of DODO’s integration started on May 28, 2021, when the main net of Arbitrum was opened for the developers. As of now, V1 and V2 (smart contracts of the DODO) have already been integrated on Arbitrum, and now both organizations are moving towards the full integration that is expected to be completed for the next couple of weeks.

Both organizations have expressed their happiness and joy in this coming together. The respective head honchos conveyed the hope that their partnership will create a Win-Win situation not only for stakeholders directly involved in this association but also for the entire domain of blockchain technology and dApps. Hopefully, this collaboration will pave the way for other such coordinated efforts in the industry to help the segment expand at an enviable pace in the future.

David Cox

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