DOGE and ETH Hit All-Time High Due to Mass Interest

The crypto industry is on a roll, with both masses and institutions showing great interest in the sector. Amidst the crypto hype, another delightful news came in from the side of Dogecoin and Ethereum. Both cryptocurrencies recently hit their all-time highs due to the growing interest in the field.

According to Dogecoin prediction, it recently experienced a surge of 47%, increasing its value to 0.67 dollars. Similarly, the second most well-known crypto, Ethereum, breached the $3,500 mark with an increase of 12%. ETH’s previous record price was 3,456.57, but the recent surge in the crypto industry’s popularity helped ETH break the benchmark.

Contrarily, Bitcoin faced a decrease of approx. 3.5% at the moment. However, being the most popular cryptocurrency does not mean it is free of price fluctuations. The boost showcased by the crypto industry has helped the DeFi market garner better results as well.

Joe DiPasquale (Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund BitBull Capital’s CEO) had an interesting take on the situation. As per Joe, while Ethereum is reaching an all-time high, its actual appreciation can be seen via the BTC and ETH pair. As per his view, ETH is currently trading below its all-time high rate of 0.15 BTC worth.

The most recent pairing was valued at 0.05, and the crypto is expected to reach the $0.07 mark without resistance. Ethereum might quickly break the 5,000 dollar mark as well. With cryptocurrencies making such progress, even renowned financial institutions have started to accept it.

The EIB (European Investment Bank) announced issuing digital bonds on a public blockchain with ETH tech. Even the meme-currency Dogecoin was recently reported to be listed on eToro. Rumors suggesting PayPal creating a custom stablecoin have also generated a buzz around the web. Overall, it is safe to state that the crypto industry is on its way towards mass adoption.


Ethereum and Dogecoin became the latest testament to the crypto industry’s market prominence. Both cryptos recently hit their all-time highs, and the trend is expected to continue. However, many believe that Dogecoin will not survive in the market for long. But with Elon Musk supporting the crypto, nothing can be stated for sure.

David Cox

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