Dogecoin & Filecoin investors zero in on Fezoo spurred by stage 1 presale success

Excitement is sweeping across the cryptocurrency industry and Fezoo is at the center of this new wave. The new decentralized exchange has been a massive hit among investors since it launched the first stage of its presale. Many crypto experts have begun diversifying their portfolios with the new Fezoo becoming a significant part of their investments.

Dogecoin and Filecoin investors zero in on Fezoo as the coin continues to make its mark in the industry. With its innovative and novel features, Fezoo looks to distinguish itself as the best of the best in the decentralized exchange sector.

Dogecoin is enjoying a modest rise in the market

Dogecoin has grown by about 5.48% in the past 24 hours. Its current price of $0.1816 is more than 8.24% greater than last month. Dogecoin is the most popular meme coin and sits at the #8 position in CoinMarketCap’s ranking of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. 

Dogecoin has a 7-day trading volume of $24.6 billion and over the previous 30 days, more than $108.9 billion worth of Dogecoin have been traded. Dogecoin has a market cap of $26.93 billion and a fully diluted market cap of $27.23 billion.

Filecoin facing further decline 

Filecoin seems to be having a bad time in the market recently, as its 7-day and 30-day charts read in the red zone. It has declined by more than 4.66% in the last week and above 8% over the previous 30 days.

In recent times, Filecoin enjoyed a boost alongside other altcoins at the start of March but faced rejection at the $9 zone. It is currently trading at $8.73.

Its Moving Average Convergence/Divergence, MACD, displays a constant red histogram, which signifies the bearish influence on the market. Should the bears prevail in the market, Filecoin could further drop to $7 but if the bulls can regain momentum, Filecoin might retest the $10 zone.

Fezoo is exciting investors in stage one of its presale

The new exchange platform, Fezoo, has been one of the most remarkable discoveries for investors in the new year. Its first stage of presale has been a huge success and continues to impress analysts. Crypto experts believe Fezoo could be the next big thing in decentralized exchange and it is on its way to being just that.

Fezoo provides users with a straightforward experience from registration to actual trading. Unlike traditional platforms that require an extensive registration process with KYC identification, Fezoo, a fully decentralized platform which only requests a username and an email address to sign up new users.

Still in its first stage of presale and available for only $0.013, Fezoo is still in its early stages and at a very affordable price. It is common knowledge that the best profits are made when traders enter solid projects in their early stages. 

Presale token holders enjoy many benefits by holding their Fezoo tokens. The higher the number of tokens an investor has, the more power he has to influence the future of the platform. Fezoo’s decentralized governance allows token holders to take part in key decision making processes, make suggestions, and even vote. 

To find out more about the ongoing Fezoo Coin presale visit the website here.

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