Doge Shiba Meme Sold for Rs 29 Crore: Historic Auction

The pretty-looking Japanese Shiba Inu image is the new topic of discussion these days as its iconic meme, Doge has traded like an NFT that is no fungible token. The cost mentioned for the sale of this iconic meme is $4 million or INR 29.999 crore. The remarkable fact of the incident is that this price has made the Doge most expensive NFT meme in history. The meme of Shiba Inu is very protuberant at internet memes and sharing pages and groups. It has achieved a remarkable place there. It was last Tuesday when this auction took place, and the owner Kabosu participated. This was the procedure of three days when the meme was sold to @pleasrdao.

Here is how the procedure came into existence:

The meme was first seen in 2013: It was the year 2013 when ‘Doge’ first came into existence with the text of Comic Sans. Its functionality was presenting fictional inner soliloquy. Soon, it achieved motion in the meme arena along with several kinds of dog monologues created by the Netizens.

The name of Dogecoin is on the name of Doge. It is the innovation of two software engineers to create a cryptocurrency Dogecoin that was made in honor of the meme. According to the current report of Barron in May 2021, the crypto is considered very important to laugh off.

The seller’s name is Atsuko Sato, the owner of Doge. An online auction was organized with the name Zora to sell this Doge and sold for 1,696.9 Ethereum cryptocurrency equal to $4million. The buyer, @pleasrdao, was considered the highest bidder and won the bid.

Titled as Meme of the Decade, the meme is considered “Meme of the decade” in 2019. Those who had participated in the auction are considering themselves lucky to be a part of this successful event of internet history. According to Don Caldwell, this meme deserves to recognize as the newest meme in the NFT record. He is the editor in chief of Your Meme, an internet meme database. Here Doge gets the certification to enter the auction. In this way, it gets the desired bidder.

The Doge is from “Homestar Runner.” The idea of the Doge is taken from a popular cartoon, Homestar Runner. In this description, Doge is the character with another character called Homestar. The first picture of Kabosu came on the internet in2010, which was posted by Sato and trolled for a long.

These days it is a considerably advanced asset by looking like the cryptocurrency future. By going through DOGE price prediction, we can say that 2021 is the lucky year for Dogecoin as it gains a valuable reputation. It is a popular topic globally despite the fact of low market and low capitalization.

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