DOGE Soars Massively After Elon Musk Urges McDonald’s to Accept Dogecoin

McDonald’s once expressed its interest in becoming a part of the Dogecoin community. It has been urged to accept DOGE since that time.

Everything started when Billy Markus, a co-founder of Dogecoin, requested a fry from the fast-food chain and got a picture of Shiba Inu in response. The picture was featured on the logo of DogeCoin, initiating the constantly-growing voice asking the brand to accept the meme coin.

DOGE At McDonald’s?

Elon Musk tweeting is a normal thing, but it is very different when he mentions his favorite Cryptocurrency in his tweets. He has been a supporter of Dogecoin for a long time. Every tweet from his handle mentioning the meme coin influences the price, mostly for good.

This time, he has joined the voice of the Dogecoin Community that is asking McDonald’s to accept Dogecoin as a mode of payment for its order. Members of the community claim that this would be a win-win situation for the brand and its customers.

Details regarding that are currently scarce.

A reputed brand accepting Cryptocurrency is not something new in the market. Elon Musk is already doing this by enabling customers to buy their favorite Tesla merchandise in return for DOGE.

McDonald’s is not new to this concept either. The brand says that it is currently reviewing the payment experience of users through Cryptocurrency; however, its outlets in El Salvador are already accepting Bitcoin.

Dogecoin would be a little bit different, but it is expected to serve similar benefits to the fast-food chain.

Since the time Elon Musk has come out in support of McDonald’s accepting Dogecoin, the value of DOGE has increased by a considerable percentage. It is now being traded at $0.14, which is an increase of 9.5% from its previous value.

The current conversation has lightened the mood of the Dogecoin Community members. There have been several jokes among them stating that they would take up a job at a fast-food chain if the Crypto market ever crashes.

McDonald’s is well-aware of the NFT concept as well. The brand once released its non-fungible token collection of McRib sandwiches. This was to celebrate the 40th anniversary of McRib. McDonald’s gave away ten NFTs during the event.

There has been no official response from McDonald’s to the tweet published by Elon Musk. Amid all the expectations and jokes, community members are simply looking forward to witnessing the global acceptance of Dogecoin, especially since Elon Musk expressed that Dogecoin has the capability of becoming one.


The Dogecoin community is growing rapidly, with many known personalities getting on board. Two new members to have joined the community are Nayib Bukele and Michael Saylor.

The price of the meme coin has gone up in the past 24 hours, but there is uncertainty about how well it will perform in the future. You can get more details here on this how DOGE is expected to perform this year, backed with a detailed technical analysis.

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