Dogecoin (DOGE) Escalates Despite Heavy Market Pressure

Dogecoin is moving ahead with an uptrend in the market. The rest of the coins, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and all the big forces of the market are slipping down. The surprising uptrend in the DOGE is quite impressive. Yesterday, Dogecoin was seen touching a high at $0.002565 and a low at $0.002495. Yesterday’s volume is at $50,979,959.

Dogecoin Price Analysis

Dogecoin started September month around $0.0025. Then, the price reached $0.002661 by 6.14% hike. There was regression marked that brought DOGE value down to $0.0024 by 7.88%. DOGE price jumped to $0.0028 from $0.0024 by 22.91%. Then, it couldn’t stay at this level and fell tremendously to $0.0019 by 32.97% drop. The last few days reflected the recovery of 25.46%. The coin closed at $0.0024, with an approximate regression of 4.12%. In October, Dogecoin’s price is seen touching highs. The aggregate progression is marked as 8.7% in the span of 15 days. A major escalation is marked when it reached to $0.0026 from $0.0021.

Dogecoin priceWith a Market Cap at $310,903,278, DOGE is currently dealing at $0.002606. The circulating supply is noted as 121,647,403,124 DOGE. The 24-hour volume is at $50,404,773. The data reflects that DOGE would keep the uptrend intact, and according to predictions for Dogecoin traders can expect considerable profits in the future.

Resistance Level Price Support Level Price
R1 $0.002552 S1 $0.002482
R2 $0.002593 S2 $0.002453
R3 $0.002622 S3 $0.002412

The above-mentioned counters reflect that Dogecoin has breached the immediate resistance level. There is a strong possibility that the next level would also be violated soon. The traders of DOGE are recommended to pick a long-term investment. Because as per the dogecoin prediction, the price of the coin may get the highest returns in the coming few days.

Roxanne Williams

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