Dogecoin (DOGE) Fails to Cope with the Current Market Pace

  • Dogecoin receives a setback of 1.03% over the last day and is now traded at $0.00223998
  • It may have to wait a little longer before venturing out towards recovery

The bullish upsurge in the market seems to have not affected Dogecoin. It is yet to take its first step to get out of the hot water. Over the last 24 hours, DOGE price has been down by 1.03% and shown four huge price shifts in the range between 0.00239 USD and 0.00223 USD.

Dogecoin Price Prediction

Dogecoin was being traded at 0.00226335 USD at the time of opening of the day, and over the next 6 hours and 34 minutes, it got to as high as 0.00239534 USD by 5.83% hike. It was followed by a freefall of 6.73% that cost it 0.00016 USD and pushed the Dogecoin value to 0.00223453 USD. The next variation happened between 12:48 & 19:37 UTC, and this swing added 0.00014 USD to the value and brought DOGE price to 0.00237458 USD. At 19:37 UTC, the coin started losing price, and by 01:32 UTC today, Dogecoin lost 5.88% value to reach 0.00223488 USD.

Dogecoin Price

The market cap has witnessed a slight improvement over the last day. It was at 282.749 million USD yesterday, and it has been increased to 283.120 million USD as per today’s data.


Dogecoin has its 20 days MA at 0.00225763 USD, and its 50 days moving average stands at 0.00226919 USD. The current price at 0.00223998 USD is 1.28% and 0.78% less than the 50 days & 20 days MAs, respectively. As per the placement of moving averages, the price of Dogecoin may trade downwards and reach to $0.002290. Apparently, look at prediction of Dogecoin and get the verdict of future price divergence regarding DOGE currency.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Resistance & Support Levels
1st Resistance $0.002357
2nd Resistance $0.002402
3rd Resistance $0.002424
1st Support $0.002290
2nd Support $0.002268
3rd Support $0.002223

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