Dogecoin (DOGE) Predictions: How Much Hope Is The New Update of Core 1.14 Giving To DOGE?

Dogecoin incepted as a joke but, later, due to its friendly and amiable appeal, it became a great approachable alternative to BTC. The striking factor of DOGE is its vibrant and welcoming community. The concept of DOGE originated from the concept of the famous comic character “Shiba Inu” dog, who was our friendly mascot. It was developed by Jackson Palmer in November 2013. It has the most active and largest community in the crypto sphere.

Current status of DOGE

  • DOGE is currently getting traded at 0.002484 USD (UTC time 05:15).
  • With a circulating supply of 119,238,971,208 DOGE and a market cap of 296,170,687 USD, it is the 26th largest crypto in the world.

Price analysis of DOGE


  • The above chart shows that DOGE is currently getting traded at 0.002489 USD or 0.00000047 BTC (UTC time 05:19).
  • Its present market cap is worth of 296,780,640 USD with a 24h volume of 34,700,667 USD.
  • The same chart shows that One month earlier, DOGE had a trading value of 0.002064 USD.
  • So, within this one month, the value of DOGE has been increased by 20.59% with 0.002080 USD as a good support resistance.

Future price prediction of DOGE

DOGE is not performing well in this month, but it was doing good previous to April 2019. After its CEO posted a joke by Dogecoin, it generated massive interest among its community, and everybody was highly enthusiastic regarding trading this crypto. Just a few days back, DOGE was listed in CoinAll Exchange, and now it has come up with an update. DOGE is developing very steadily, and this can lead to a growing demand for the same in the future. In Core 1.14 update, there have been some basic developments over Beta 1. It is mainly aimed to rectify the display of calculation of transaction fees and progress of verification. Users who had upgraded to the latest version of DOGE must back up their wallet files too. This latest version also has a flexible fork that will enable BIP-65. Recently, it has been listed in the Huobi market as well.

With all these considerations, we hope that DOGE can uplift itself soon. However, as per Dogecoin Prediction, it is expected that this crypto will trade around 0.018 USD by the end of this year, provide if it does function really well.


DOGE is a very reputed cryptocurrency, and the way it previously revived itself after incurring great losses, still stands as a solid instance of its affectivity and potentials. Right now, it’s better to wait and not to invest in this till the crypto market attains stability and DOGE performs well enough.

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