Dogecoin Listed on eToro; Overtakes Twitter and Ford

With the crypto industry experiencing a boom, Dogecoin shocks everyone by reaching the 255th rank on Asset Dash rankings. Currently, Dogecoin holds a value of 49.8 billion dollars, making it even more valued than Twitter (44.1 billion dollars) and Ford Motor Company (45.2 billion dollars.)

Currently, Newmont is the largest gold mining organization globally, housing a market value of a notch above 50 billion dollars. At the rate Dogecoin is surging as per Dogecoin price prediction, it will not be a surprise to see it overtaking Newmont as well.

Dogecoin Reaches an All-Time High

To everyone’s surprise, Dogecoin recently overtook Twitter and Ford Motor by 5 and 4 billion dollars, respectively. The crypto is just behind Newmont, with a market cap of 49.8 billion dollars. Dogecoin came into existence a mere 7 years ago, and its market cap is defeating the likes of Ford Motor and Twitter, who entered the market in 1903 and 2006. A major reason behind its surge can be accounted to Elon Musk and Mark Cuban, as both personalities have been supporting the crypto on social media for a long time.

Other than being the man behind Tesla, Elon is also known for his Twitter gimmicks. That is why half the world thought he was joking about Dogecoin. However, the crypto reaching a market cap of 49.8 dollars goes to show its prevalence.

Created by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus, the crypto emerged from the idea of a payment system with no standard banking fees. Seeing how it started as a Doge meme, it is safe to state that the crypto has come a long way.

Dogecoin Listed on eToro

Another Dogecoin news came from eToro that announced adding Dogecoin to its crypto-list because of popular demand. With 20 million global users, eToro is one of the most esteemed exchanges around the world.

What started as a meme has now startled the entire world with its performance. Nobody could have predicted Dogecoin reaching a market cap of 49.8 billion dollars, but it did. The feat makes the crypto more valuable than Twitter and Ford Motor Company. With eToro listing the coin on the exchange, the future looks bright for Dogecoin.

Roxanne Williams

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