Dogecoin loses support while new Dogeverse presale hits $2 Million in three days

The meme coin craze took off in 2024 and ramped up as Dogecoin Day approached. “Doge Day” is April 20, a special date for all meme coins on the market. Considering it’s just a week away, now is the perfect time to invest, as a handful of meme coins will likely explode in the upcoming period. 

Dogeverse is the newest contender for explosive growth, as it raised over $2 million in the first 72 hours of its presale. It’s the first multi-chain meme coin on the market, and it could be the next 100x project, as $DOGEVERSE tokens are expected to explode in the upcoming months. 

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Dogeverse – The Next 100x Meme Coin With Unique Features

Dogeverse, the latest meme coin presale, is attracting global investor interest at an unprecedented pace. It is the world’s first truly multi-chain meme coin, offering a host of distinctive features that distinguish it from its counterparts. 

The platform’s main character, Cosmo the Chain Hopping Doge, leads the meme coin revolution. He aims to create a multiple-blockchain system that allows users to transfer their $DOGEVERSE tokens to all supported blockchains. 

It’s originally built on the Ethereum blockchain but will get additional deployments on BNB Chain, Avalanche, Solana, Polygon, and Base. All blockchains included in the project report gains in the past few months due to the increasing number of altcoins released on them and minimal trading fees. 

Moreover, Dogeverse works with six blockchains, giving it a much wider reach than any other meme coin. This makes it easier for millions of traders to buy and sell $DOGEVERSE tokens. Its unique multi-chain design gives it impressive flexibility and long-term growth potential, so it’s no surprise that the presale has such a successful launch. 

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Dogeverse Tokenomics Designed for Long-Term Growth

Tokenomics can often tell you a lot about a crypto platform, especially meme coins. Many existing memes struggle to provide value due to an oversupply of tokens and a lack of utilization. On the other hand, newly released memes must consider sustainability to compete with other projects on the market, so they often offer superior tokenomics compared to their predecessors.

Dogeverse is no different, and its tokenomics follow best industry practices. The maximum supply is limited to 200 billion $DOGEVERSE tokens, distributed to ensure sustainability and smooth transactions across six blockchains. Here’s a quick rundown of the distribution.

Dogeverse Tokenomics Designed for Long-Term Growth

  • 15% or 30 billion tokens are available during the ongoing presale
  • 10% will be given out through staking rewards over the next few months
  • 25% or 50 billion tokens will be used to fund new features and upgrades according to the roadmap
  • 10% or 20 billion tokens will be used for CEX/DEX liquidity pools, ensuring a smooth trading experience
  • 25% will go towards marketing costs, allowing the project to get worldwide exposure
  • 10% will be used for ecosystem funds
  • 5% will be given to exchanges to make sure they always have a supply of tokens in circulation.

Therefore, tokenomics will ensure a full-proof system so that all token holders can buy and sell their tokens with minimal risk. The project already shows massive potential; new investors are lining up by the hour.

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$DOGEVERSE Presale Raises Over $2 Million in 72 Hours – Is It the Next 100x Potential Meme Coin?

Dogecoin loses support while new Dogeverse presale hits $2 Million in three days

The excitement about the release of the world’s first multi-chain meme coin exploded immediately after the presale launched on April 8, as the platform raised over $2 million in the first three days! The event easily pushed through the first two presale stages and is already over 25% on its way to hitting the $8.8 million soft cap. 

At the time of writing, $DOGEVERSE tokens are selling for $0.000292, but their price will likely increase in the next few hours as it is nearing the end of phase three. The token’s price will go up with every consequent phase, so the sooner you invest, the higher the returns you can expect. 

The event has triggered a frenzy among investors and has quickly become the focus of crypto whales willing to invest large amounts of money in $DOGEVERSE tokens. To secure your spot among the earliest investors, you must head to the official Dogeverse site, connect your ETH-based wallet, and exchange ETH or USDT directly for $DOGEVERSE coins.

If the current rate continues, the project will reach its $17 million hard cap in just a few weeks, launching days after Doge-Day and the upcoming Bitcoin halving event.

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Dogeverse to Ride The Hype of Doge Day and The Upcoming Bitcoin Halving Event

Dogeverse exploded on social media as soon as it entered presale. The official Dogeverse Twitter and Telegram channels are growing every minute, showing that the platform is gaining traction among investors looking to get a portion of the tokens destined for marketing efforts. 

The presale launched with perfect timing, as Doge Day and the upcoming Bitcoin halving event will take place on April 20. The crypto community is on high alert for new investment options, and the hype surrounding Dogeverse has entered a new high and shows no signs of slowing down.

Dogeverse’s unique multi-chain design has allowed it to enter the spotlight, and it’s likely to become one of the most popular memes in the market in the next few weeks. It established itself as one of the best meme coin investment opportunities and is about to take the market by storm. 

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Wrapping Up 

Doge-inspired meme coins have been among the most successful memes on the market ever since the release of the original Dogecoin over a decade ago. The markets have seen numerous dog-themed meme coins that exploded after release, and Dogeverse is the next big thing that could see growth of over 100 times or higher in the next few months.

Its unique multi-chain design gives it a significant advantage over other meme coins, high staking rewards, and excellent tokenomics. It raised an impressive $2 million in less than 72 hours and has an excellent chance of becoming the leading meme of 2024. Visit the official Dogeverse website, grab your $DOGEVERSE tokens at affordable prices, and watch your investments multiply as we enter the biggest crypto bull market in history!

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