Dogecoin Price Analysis: Dogecoin (DOGE) Trying To Have Bullish Outlook while Coming Out of the Directionless Trade

After being partnered with MyCryptoCheckout, Dogecoin is expected to grow in terms of several users and trading value too. Dogecoin was a mere joke to start with but has surely gained popularity. However, recently, there were a lot of dips that were seen in the prices of Dogecoin.

Let’s see whether the valuation is improving after introducing MyCryptoCheckout or not.

Price Analysis of Dogecoin on 20th June 2019:

Dogecoin is trading at $0.00305699 at 10:31 UTC on 20th June 2019. Other essential statistics from Dogecoin chart are as follows:

Dogecoin Price Chart - 20 June
Dogecoin Price Chart
Return of Investment 469.54%
Market Ranking 30
Circulating Supply 120,003,321,307 DOGE
Total Supply 120,003,321,307 DOGE
Market Cap 381,903,988 USD
24 Hour Volume 33,175,644 USD

 Dogecoin to USD Price Comparison:

Dogecoin price as of now exhibits a trend pointing towards the bullish zone while coming out of the tag of ‘‘Directionless Trading’’. However, the current bullish bend is not a confirmation for the days to come. Drawn from the analysis of the past 30 days, the current trading value of Dogecoin has increased by 9.3% from the lowest of 23rd May at $0.002795. The value has dropped by over 16% from the highest on 30th May with value trading at $0.003677. However, to get an idea about the future price of the coin check on the Dogecoin Prediction chart and understand the right time to invest in it.

Dogecoin Price Prediction and Conclusion:


The value as of now is best to be analyzed rather than bidding on to buy or sell. In such a condition, bidding under the resistance level and support level is a safer option to opt for which is between $0.00319 and $0.00307 respectively. It is hard to predict if the value will hop to a bulls’ trend or bears trend.

Roxanne Williams

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