Dogecoin Price Analysis: Dogecoin Taking ‘Directionless’ Steps in the Crypto Market Run

Dogecoin (DOGE) recently achieved a partnership with MyCryptoCheckout, which is a cryptocurrency payment gateway. The team of MyCryptoCheckout recently tweeted for the users who are using WooComerce as a merchant on the app can pay through Dogecoin for any purchase.

Finally, after a long wait of silence, DOGE came up with small but at least a partnership that will help in increasing the visibility or maybe users in the near future.

Price Analysis of Dogecoin (DOGE) on 19th June 2019 :

At 05:29 UTC, the value of DOGE (Dogecoin to USD) is trading at $0.00311 on 19th June 2019. The remaining essentials are as follows:

Return of Investment 460.88%
Market Ranking 29
Circulating Supply 119,989,522,299 DOGE
Total Supply 119,989,522,299 DOGE
Market Cap 376,053,875 USD
24 Hour Volume 54,983,775 USD

Dogecoin Price Comparison:

Dogecoin Price Chart - 19 June

As per the Dogecoin Chart, The value of DOGE right now is trading below the baseline, which is really a concern as of now. The growth of Dogecoin is becoming a discussion in the community for sure as there were no recent updates and valuable surges. In the past 5 days, the lowest was seen on 14th June with value at $0.002928. The value now has increased by 6.4% from then. The value dropped by 7.9% from the highest of $0.003380, which was seen on 16th June. However, check on Dogecoin Price Prediction and get a proper idea about its future price changes, so that you can invest in it at the right time.

Dogecoin Price Prediction and Conclusion:

DOGE must either enter bearish or bullish nature soon for investors to decide a bid. It is hard to claim a certain direction as of now right now. However, with the new update today, DOGE might entice new users. Let’s hope that DOGE surges to a value which is worthy enough for the investors.

As of now, the resistance level and support level can be considered between $0.00323 and $0.00306, respectively. For now, let’s just try to analyze if the surge is going to bring any delight to the traders or not.

Roxanne Williams

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