Dogecoin Price Continues to Battle; Crypto Market Volatility Continues in Full Swing

  • Dogecoin price continues to be below the baseline as seen from the intraday movement of the coin

Dogecoin price has nothing extraordinary to exhibit in this current crypto market volatility as the price is continually under the bear grip. The price has been below the baseline to a major extent on Oct 24 as seen from the one-day price chart. Dogecoin price has been moving between $0.0024–$0.0026, indicating the strong bearish control.

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Dogecoin Price Analysis:

Exhibiting the bearish onslaught, Dogecoin trading price of $0.0025 went below the baseline by 6.56% and reached $0.0023 at 8:24 UTC. Around 13:59 UTC, the price of DOGE again reached $0.00253 marking a growth of 6.71%. Unable to hold, the price again slid to trade at $0.00245 at 17:15 UTC, marking a downswing of 3.07%. The price then showed an upward move to trade at $0.0026 moving above the baseline notably by 6.45%. With a regularity of trading within the range, DOGE could not maintain this upward momentum for long as the price once again went below the baseline price at $0.00246 by 5.89%. The current trading price of DOGE is $0.00252, exhibiting an upward move of 4.17% when compared with the latter price swing.

Dogecoin Price

DOGE price has been fully under the bear grip since July and the price has been affected badly. With the price being continually under the baseline, the DOGE community should not expect much from this volatile market until a soaring momentum sets in. Analysts expect the short-term to be bearish and DOGE price to continue to be volatile in the short run, which rightly directs to be cautious until the market improves.

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