Dogecoin Suffers Under Market Pressure; Price Hovers Around $0.0026

Dogecoin has continued the downtrend in the market. The coin is seen battling the market pressure but could reach above $0.0026. The entire altcoin market is seen dealing with the bear from the opening hour. There are not many expectations from the coin. The traders might be seen having a low day.

However, by going through Dogecoin future predictions, we can claim that the coin has a high future prospect.

Yesterday, Dogecoin was witnessed touching a high at $0.002829 and a low at $0.002640. The volume noted in yesterday’s chart was $22,974,750. Let’s have a look at how the DOGE is performing today.

Dogecoin to USD Price Comparison:

Dogecoin Price Chart - 27 Aug 2019Looking at the Dogecoin chart, we can observe a slight fall in the price of the coin. Yesterday, the Dogecoin price started dealing at $0.002666. The price jumped from $0.002666 to $0.002738 by 2.69%. The coin immediately slipped from $0.00273 to $0.00258. The regression marked was around 6.18%. DOGE price managed to return back to $0.002685 with a slight upside movement of 0.72% during the day. Today, the coin opened with a fall. The drop is noted to be of 5.52%. Dogecoin price changed from $0.002685 to $0.002537. DOGE has booked a fall of 1.43% from the opening price till now. The coin is currently dealing at $0.002651.

Current Statistics of Dogecoin:

Particulars Dogecoin
Price $0.002651
ROI 370.23%
Market Cap $317,942,748
24-Hour Volume $22,077,826
Circulating Supply 120,953,861,298 DOGE
Total Supply 120,953,861,298 DOGE

Dogecoin is started moving downwards due to current market pressure. Well, the downfall doesn’t seem to pass anytime soon. The intraday traders might be seen suffering today. Altogether, it would give a high return on investment to the long-term traders.

Trevor Holman

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