Dogecoin surges 17% amidst rising crypto momentum, new meme coin ICO hits 8 million!

In an electrifying week for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Dogecoin, the original meme coin, has seen a remarkable surge of 17%, buoyed by a wave of positive sentiment across the crypto markets. This uptick coincides with the successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of Dogecoin20, a new entrant in the meme coin saga, which impressively hit the 8 million mark, signalling a potentially viral future for the coin.

What’s happening to Dogecoin?

Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency that was initially created as a joke based on the “doge” internet meme featuring a Shiba Inu, has become a significant player in the crypto market. Recently, Dogecoin has experienced a notable surge in its market value, indicating a resurgence of interest and confidence from investors. 

At one point, the price of Dogecoin increased by over 17%, signaling a strong bullish trend in the market. This recent price action has pushed Dogecoin’s market capitalization to significant new levels, showcasing its growing influence and adoption within the cryptocurrency space. The surge can be attributed to various factors, including social media influence, speculative trading, and perhaps broader acceptance in the digital payment ecosystem. 

Since its launch, Dogecoin has been the highest-ranked meme coin; it would seem absurd for a fresh project to take on such a well-established token. For the first time in years, Dogecoin, the leading meme coin, enjoyed a period of consistent growth, and it appeared as though it might be recovering earlier in Q1. But based on its previous performance, it appears that the bull run was the only factor in its return.

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The resurgence of meme coins With Dogecoin20 

Another new meme coin that’s gaining popularity among investors worldwide is Dogecoin20. This meme, which was created in accordance with industry best practices, aims to inspire users to improve themselves and, in turn, improve the world.


Leveraging the enduring popularity of meme narratives like Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, and Pepe, Dogecoin20 positions itself as a compelling stake-to-earn platform in the meme coin universe. This innovative approach, coupled with the recent tweets by Elon Musk hinting at his fondness for Dogecoin, has propelled Dogecoin20 into the limelight, raising speculations about its explosive potential.

Although Dogecoin20 (DOGE20) is not the first DOGE replacement seeking to take over the original meme coin, it has the best chance because it is by far the most well-designed. The presale has raised $4 million in just one week, which is nothing short of extraordinary. It’s obvious that interest in this new project is high.

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Hitting new milestones

Dogecoin20’s ICO success story is not just about numbers; it’s about the overwhelming community support and the buzz it has generated across social media platforms. This achievement reflects a growing trend where investors are keenly watching the meme coin space, eager to spot the next big hit.

The Elon Musk effect

Elon Musk’s playful tweets about Dogecoin have historically triggered price movements, underscoring the influence of social media on cryptocurrency markets. With Dogecoin20 emerging on the scene, the community is on high alert for any signs of endorsement, which could catapult the coin to unprecedented heights.

Bridging community and utility

At its core, Dogecoin20 aims to offer more than just a speculative asset. It seeks to establish a vibrant community around its stake-to-earn model, promising not just rewards but also a sense of belonging to its holders. This strategic positioning could be a game-changer, offering a new narrative in the meme coin saga.

DogeCoin20 and its stake system could be the future of crypto

According to Digiconomist, less than seven Dogecoin transactions consumed the same amount of electricity as a typical US family would in a day. In the current era of global warming, this practice is not good at all and might not be permitted in the near future.

DogeCoin20- Future of Crypto

While this marks the start of DogeCoin20 (DOGE20), it is by no means the finish. Dogecoin20 has numerous advantages compared to its original, thanks to its proof-of-stake model. The Ethereum network, where DogeCoin20 is hosted, is well-known for reducing emissions by 99% by moving to a proof-of-stake model in 2022.

For their staking system, DogeCoin20 has developed a very clever model. With the staking feature, Dogecoin20 offers its members a cutting-edge method of earning passive revenue. Members have the option to stake their $DOGE20 tokens in a mechanism that will allow them to accrue rewards over time. Investors who invest, large and early, will reap the greatest rewards. 

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The robust tokenomics could provide long-term success

In addition to providing a means of generating passive income, Dogecoin20 is supported by a strong tokenomics plan that guarantees its viability and competitiveness going forward.

The 140 billion $DOGE20 supply of this community-driven project has been distributed with growth and stability in mind. 35 billion $DOGE20, or 25% of the whole supply, were made available for purchase during the presale at $0.00014 apiece. The price per token is currently $0.000201, however it will go up as long as the presale is sold out.

An additional 25% of the supply is set aside for marketing initiatives in order to guarantee that Dogecoin20 receives the attention required for it to flourish. The purpose of this outreach strategy is to increase Dogecoin20’s prominence in the fiercely competitive dog-themed meme coin market.

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The surge in Dogecoin’s value, coupled with the remarkable ICO of Dogecoin20, highlights a renewed interest in meme coins within the cryptocurrency community. With the lines between humour, investment, and utility increasingly blurring, the future of meme coins like Dogecoin and Dogecoin20 looks not just promising but potentially revolutionary.

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