Dogeverse is about to launch – Can it become the highest-gaining meme of 2024?

The popularity of meme coins has been on the rise lately, and Dogeverse leads the way. Its presale started with a bang, and it is now officially over—with $15 million raised, the investors now wait for the claim date scheduled for June 5th at 10 AM UTC. Considering that this project has concrete utility, the analysts believe it could become the highest–gaining meme of 2024. Here is why!

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Dogeverse aims to revolutionalize meme coins as we know them

Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Pepe, and many other meme coins achieved enormous popularity and brought serious gains to early investors. Now, Dogeverse shows obvious potential to grow and outshine them. Investing in it is promising because this project opens a multi-chain approach to investors they couldn’t enjoy so far.

Its native token, $DOGEVERSE, is available across multiple blockchain networks: Avalanche, Base, Polygon, BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Solana. Utilizing advanced bridging technology, $DOGEVERSE can seamlessly operate as a multi-chain token with minimal gas fees and just a few clicks. This strategy enhances its attractiveness by allowing investors to engage with $DOGEVERSE on their preferred blockchain.

The project features Cosmo, whose breed is Shiba Inu—the breed that is so loved and known among crypto enthusiasts. This topic is now ready to get a new twist through a traveling Doge, but the known theme is just a starting point—there is much more to be happy about!

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Appealing features of Dogeverse revealed

Humor is the main element of meme coins, but it seems crypto investors now get to enjoy more than the lightness they bring. While the meme coins that broke the ice lack utility and are upfront about it, Dogeverse leverages Portal Bridge and Wormhole to enable seamless transitions between blockchains, allowing investors to move effortlessly across chains.

This functionality enhances Dogeverse’s influence and reach. Once token claiming becomes available on June 5th, investors will be given a chance to claim tokens on their chosen chain, demonstrating the team’s commitment to flexibility and community building.

Appealing features of Dogeverse revealed

In addition to its multi-chain approach, Dogeverse offers staking, providing investors with a passive income stream. This feature is particularly valuable during periods of market volatility. Investors can expect an APY of 38%, with rewards of 6088.28 per ETH block. $DOGEVERSE is anticipated to see significant growth upon launch, and there is very little time until it happens, so investors are advised to keep a close eye on the Dogeverse social channels for all the news!

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Roadmap and tokenomics details unveiled

Now that the presale of Dogeverse is over, investors are eager to learn more about the project’s future phases. After the initial phase, when 30 billion tokens were made available to investors, Dogeverse is expected to be listed on reputable DEX exchanges. The details about the exchanges where $DOGEVERSE will be launched will be known soon.

In addition, during this phase, the project will integrate with reputable analytics platforms to provide users with insights and updated data. CEX listings are expected to occur during the next phase, which will expand the Dogeverse community due to the increased reach.

Out of the total 200 billion $DOGEVERSE tokens, 20 billion will be directed towards staking rewards. Besides, 50 billion tokens will be allocated to scalability and development, while 20 billion will be reserved for the liquidity pool. Since the listings are now closer than ever, 10 billion $DOGEVERSE tokens will be directed towards exchanges. 

On the other hand, 20 billion tokens will be secured as ecosystem funds, while 50 billion tokens will be reserved for marketing, with the goal of presenting this project to crypto enthusiasts across the globe. With this project’s utility and the growing community, the future of Dogeverse looks bright!

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Meme coins have a unique appeal, and with the crypto market showing signs of a bull run, preparation is crucial. Dogeverse has already raised $15 million during its presale, indicating strong investor interest and potential for substantial growth. With listings just around the corner, staying informed and acting promptly is essential. 

Don’t wait too long to add $DOGEVERSE to your portfolio, as its price is poised to explode. Early adoption can help maximize potential returns before the broader market catches on. Keep an eye on Dogeverse’s developments and seize the opportunity to invest early!

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored content and is not financial advice. CryptoNewsZ does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of the content. Readers should verify information independently and exercise caution when dealing with any mentioned company. Investing in cryptocurrencies is risky, and seeking advice from a qualified professional is recommended.

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