Dogeverse raises $10 million – Is it the new king of memes?

The world of meme coins has captivated many savvy investors and enthusiasts since the start of the year, thanks to its community, positive vibes, and inclusivity. Yet, as we approach a new bullish cycle, it is imperative that we find the next best meme coin, ready to provide the best features and gains.

Remarkably, Dogeverse has emerged with impeccable features and innovations, poised to revolutionize the meme coin space. This project aims to launch across six top blockchains in the market, inviting all crypto communities to embrace its potential as the next king of meme coins.

Indeed, this project has showcased strength and momentum, as it has garnered $10 million within weeks of its presale launch. Can Dogeverse truly be the next king of meme coins? To get the answer, read on as this article discusses this project in greater detail.

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Dogeverse becomes the first meme coin to operate multi-chain networks

Dogeverse stands at the forefront of innovation and memes as it introduces a revolutionary concept. This concept merges the allure of the ‘Doge’ meme with multi-chain capabilities. At its core, this project’s mascot, Cosmo, embodies unity and adaptability as it has the power to hop across multiple chains in the blockchain network.

Dogeverse deviates from conventional cryptos, which are confined to a single blockchain, by leveraging Wormhole technology. This tech allows the Dogeverse tokens to move across multiple blockchains, thereby ensuring transaction speeds and minimal gas fees.

With this multi-chain compatibility, Dogeverse opens doors to various decentralized applications for savvy developers. This will foster a quicker adoption of Web 3 technologies and drive the ecosystem’s evolution.

Investors can enjoy premium staking capabilities with Dogeverse

Besides its innovative multi-chain capabilities, Dogeverse offers investors an incredible opportunity to earn passive income by staking DOGEVERSE tokens. By staking its native tokens on the Dogeverse platform’s smart contract, investors can earn more than 100% annual percentage yields.

Thus, this stake-to-earn feature allows users to grow their holdings as they contribute to the Dogeverse ecosystem’s security and stability. So far, over 13 billion DOGEVERSE tokens have already been staked to show investors’ confidence in the project’s potential. It is imperative to note that as more tokens are staked, the APYs may adjust dynamically. This makes early participation during the presale stages very beneficial.

Furthermore, on-chain staking allows users to retain complete control over their assets and enjoy transparency and autonomy. This eliminates intermediaries and enables investors to maximize their earnings potential. To ensure users are fully compensated for locking their DOGEVERSE tokens, the project has allocated 20 billion tokens for staking rewards. As a result, you can earn more based on the number of tokens held and the duration of the staking.

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Tokenomics and roadmap revealed

Dogeverse continues to be a trailblazing meme coin, as it further captivates the crypto community with its strategic tokenomics and impeccable presale. By diving into the intricacies of the project’s tokenomics, there is a total supply of 200 billion DOGEVERSE minted at the initial stage.

The Dogeverse team has strategically distributed these native tokens to ensure sustainable growth and future developments. 15% of the token supply (30 billion) has been earmarked for presale distribution. Within weeks, Dogeverse has successfully sold $10 million worth of DOGEVERSE tokens.

10% of the token supply is reserved for staking rewards over the next two years, which incentivizes holders and community engagement. 25% is allocated towards project funds, which aid future projects and applications within the Dogeverse ecosystem.

Post-presale, Dogeverse allocates 5% toward exchange listings, and an additional 10% of the total supply will ensure liquidity across various exchanges. Another 10% has been earmarked for ecosystem funds, and the remaining 25% is dedicated to marketing efforts.

The presale phase has been monumental since its inception, offering every supporter and enthusiast an early opportunity to get DOGEVERSE tokens at the best price point. Priced at a mouthwatering $0.0003 per token, investors continue to flock to the Dogeverse presale event.

The project’s ambitious goal is to reach $17 million as a hard-cap target, which will fuel its future endeavors. As the presale progresses, Dogeverse remains committed to transparency, community engagement, and sustainable growth.

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Experts approve of Dogeverse as the next meme coin king

Dogeverse continues to gain virality in the crypto sphere, with experts and traders lining up to herald its potential for substantial gains. Famous investor Jacob Bury has boldly claimed this project as the best crypto buy and the market’s next 100x opportunity. Top analysts like Roshawn Silver have shared similar sentiments, supporting the project’s prospects.

Not only that, but esteemed media platforms have also showered praise for Dogeverse. The 99Bitcoins YouTube channel made a dedicated video to this project to spotlight its potential. Also, industry-leading outlets have provided quality articles on Dogeverse.

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Get involved with Dogeverse, the next king of meme coins

The Dogeverse presale feat of surpassing $10 million within a few weeks underscores investors’ demand for its native tokens. With the hard cap target of $17 million in sight, early backers can enjoy exponential gains when this project is listed on its upcoming exchanges.

Furthermore, the project holds prospects, with the potential to soar by over 100x. This rise could hinge on factors such as its staking mechanism’s performance and seamless multi-chain capabilities. As the presale gains momentum, you are urged to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Dogeverse is the next king of meme coins – hurry now to capitalize on its low presale price and stake a claim in its promising future.

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