Newest dog meme coin Dogeverse raises over $15 million in crypto presale

The crypto market has witnessed a resurgence of meme coin activity, and this new entrant, Dogeverse, is taking the lead. This new meme coin has surpassed the $15 million mark in its current presale in a display of savvy investor backing. This remarkable feat signals a potential boom for Dogeverse to mirror the viral success of Dogecoin. 

Interestingly, Dogeverse aims to surpass Dogecoin’s impact. It boasts unique multichain and staking functionalities, positioning it for broader market reach and potentially newer heights. This post shares more details regarding this emerging player in the meme coin space. Follow along and discover how you can benefit from its future gains. 

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Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE): A top-notch multichain meme project

Dogeverse emerges in a bid to stand tall among the myriads of meme projects available in the market. Its strategy is to capitalize on the growing frenzy of meme-based investments while adding newer features into the mix. Dogeverse has a mascot, Cosmo, and a Shiba Inu who can seamlessly move across various blockchains. This boosts accessibility and adaptability within the crypto landscape. 

This multichain architecture makes Dogeverse the first token to integrate across multiple blockchain networks. Unlike conventional cryptos, Dogeverse thrives on Ethereum, Base, Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, and Base. This versatility expands its potential user base and unlocks integration possibilities into various crypto ecosystems. 

To further heighten user engagement, transferring DOGEVERSE tokens across these chains takes a single click and is done with low fees. This frictionless movement to and from blockchains adds appeal for crypto enthusiasts seeking a more adaptable and user-friendly experience. 

Dogeverse further leverages a familiar “rinse and repeat” strategy reminiscent of Dogecoin by prioritizing aggressive marketing. This project allocates a significant portion (25%) of its token supply for this purpose. Also, it boasts a budding social media presence with thousands of followers across platforms.

It doesn’t stop there; Dogeverse further introduces a Stake-to-Earn mechanism into its platform. Now, users can purchase DOGEVERSE tokens and lock them indefinitely. This reduces the selling pressure that may arise during the early stages and ensures network stability over time. Moreover, stakeholders can enjoy over 50% in annual yields.

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Unveiling tokenomics and presale 

As Dogeverse continues to blend humor and multichain features, it features a tokenomics model designed to reward holders and ensure long-term viability. The total supply of its native token, DOGEVERSE, is 200 billion in circulation. The project team has meticulously distributed the native tokens to ensure the project’s viability in the long term.

A significant 10% of the total token supply is allocated for staking and liquidity, respectively. 25% is reserved for marketing initiatives, and 15% is for presale tokens. The rest is distributed to exchanges (5%), project funds (25%), and ecosystem funds (10%).

Unveiling tokenomics and presale

The Dogeverse presale has witnessed a surge of investor interest, amassing over $15 million thus far. This substantial backing signifies the community’s strong belief in the project’s unique features and potential for success. The ongoing presale has offered DOGEVERSE tokens at a discounted price, allowing early backers to enjoy the project’s price appreciation as it gains traction.

As the presale concludes, there is increased anticipation for upcoming exchange listings. According to the project’s roadmap, Dogeverse will first prioritize securing listings on Decentralized Exchanges. Afterwards, it will seek potential listings on Centralized Exchange (CEXs). This move could significantly expand its user base and trading activity. 

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Can Dogeverse take the crown from Dogecoin as the top doge?

Despite its nascent stage, Dogeverse has stormed onto the crypto scene, spurring interest in crypto investors and enthusiasts. This has then sparked the question of whether it can dethrone Dogecoin, the pioneer of all meme coins. While it may be a little early to say, there are possibilities that Dogeverse has the potential.

Since Dogecoin boasts a hefty $20 billion market, Dogeverse’s market valuation places it at around $62 million (current presale price of 0.00031 multiplied by the total supply). This may seem like an unfair comparison. However, here are some reasons why Dogeverse can steal the show in record time.

  • More than memes

While Dogecoin remains a speculative asset, Dogeverse offers real-world utility. Its multichain function ensures seamless movement across various blockchains, which savvy investors can enjoy as they seek broader exposure within the crypto space. 

  • Adaptability to change

Since the crypto landscape constantly evolves, investors want to diversify their assets beyond the Ethereum ecosystem. Dogeverse capitalizes on this trend by also deploying popular and fast-growing blockchains like Solana, which boasts a meme coin market exceeding $8 billion. 

  • Future growth

Dogeverse has a well-defined roadmap that showcases its ambition to be more than a fleeting fad. Its commitment to long-term growth through strategic marketing and staking rewards suggests that Dogeverse could be valuable in the long term. 

While Dogecoin has enjoyed a massive head start in virality and recognition, we can expect Dogeverse to quickly leverage its unique features and capitalize on its early momentum. The battle for meme coin supremacy is heating up, and Dogeverse is a player to watch closely.

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Don’t miss out on Dogeverse’s potential to explode in price soon 

Dogeverse has taken the crypto world by storm, exceeding a staggering $15 million in its ongoing presale. As the meme coin market bounces back, Dogeverse packs innovative features and strong community support, making it an exciting project in the coming years.

While blending fun and humor, Dogeverse is strategic, focusing on accessibility, utility, and community building. Its multichain functionality carves out a unique niche within the crypto market, and it stands ready to disrupt the meme coin space.  

With a successful presale and upcoming exchange listings, Dogeverse is poised for significant growth in 2024 and beyond. Therefore, get involved early and capitalize on potential price appreciation as the project gains traction.

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored content and is not financial advice. CryptoNewsZ does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of the content. Readers should verify information independently and exercise caution when dealing with any mentioned company. Investing in cryptocurrencies is risky, and seeking advice from a qualified professional is recommended. 

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