dogwifhat & The Graph holders enthralled by Raffle Coin: RAFF token’s stage 1 presale nearly full, foreseeing substantial profits

Raffle coin has been creating a buzz among cryptocurrency investors. Among them are holders of dogwifhat and The Graph, who are also amazed as to how the RAFF coin’s stage 1 presale is almost full. After analyzing the inflow of investment into the project, crypto analysts believe that its probability of success is high.

dogwifhat trends downward after reaching its latest all-time high 

dogwifhat launched in November 2023, a few months before the market’s bullish take on in 2024. Its first price was within the range of $0.0000013 before entering the mainstream market at about $0.0015 and CoinMarketCap at $0.179. Since then, dogwifhat has seen an incredible price uptrend, with its market capitalization reaching $3.4B. It has also become one of the category’s top three largest meme tokens.

However, after reaching its latest all-time high of $4.64, its price began to drop and is currently at $3.44. This is a significant 23.6% price decline. However, sentiment around dogwifhat remains positive as analysts predict possible highs of $8.19 in less than two years. It may also benefit from the surge surrounding meme coins due to speculations that Dogecoin might become one of X’s payment means.

The Graph remains one of the most popular AI-based altcoins in 2024

By combining AI technology and blockchain, The Graph works as a decentralized program for querying data from blockchain networks. This allows Web3 applications to access and index blockchain data with ease. The Graph token has witnessed significant price fluctuations in the past few days. Although a long-term view of the token’s performance reflects a 3.82% price growth, its last 7-day analysis shows a price decline of 14.43%. 

Despite these fluctuations, the AI-based altcoin has managed to retain the attention of its investors, as whale holdings still account for over 50% of the total The Graph holdings. Crypto enthusiasts also foresee a price increase between $0.43 and $0.91 before the year runs out.

Raffle Coin popularity increases as its stage 1 presale gets nearly full

Raffle coin began its presale a while ago and has steadily increased in popularity since then. Unsurprisingly, holders of tokens like dogwifhat and The Graph, who are passionate about DeFi technology, are paying more attention to it, as Raffle coin is another innovative project. Raffle coin employs the blockchain’s transparency to decentralize raffle draws so everyone can participate and monitor the raffles live. 

On Raffle coin, users can cash out their prizes in cryptocurrency while earning rewards for using the platform. Its stage 1 presale, which is almost full, is ongoing for $0.020. According to the project’s whitepaper, its liquidity will be locked for life, and presale investors will get shares of the revenue generated on the platform.

You can learn more about the project by clicking here.

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