$ACX Token Seed Sale Is Now Live, Announces Acardex

Acardex published a blog post to announce that the $ACX Token seed sale was now live. They announced the update as the members of the community started expressing their doubts and uncertainty about the platform.

A general purpose of conducting a $ACX token seed sale is to secure funding for upcoming projects. Those who participate will be allotted ACX at a lower price. Participants will be able to sell these tokens later for a much higher price.


Acardex has been developed on the Cardano blockchain. It is an AMM-based decentralized exchange that functions with the objective of enabling its users to trade Cardano native tokens. The team is currently developing several functions. These include Metaverse, NFT marketplace, and IDO Launchpad, to mention a few.

Users can carry out transactions on the platform by using their ACX token holding. As per the claims made, the transactions conducted on the platform are fast, secure, and attract a lower fee.

About Seed Sale

The $ACX token seed sale is now live. Users can begin to participate by accessing the official link that is shared by Acardex in their blog post. Avoid accessing any other link except for the official link.

The total token allocation has been fixed at 150 million ACX. Every unit of the token carries a value of 0.00125 ADA. The buying range of the token is 300 to 30,000. Participants will immediately get tokens into their wallets.

It has been recommended to use only Cardano wallets like Yoroi Wallet and Nami Wallet, to mention a few. Participants must avoid using an exchange wallet as it carries a higher risk of getting lost in the process.

Advantages Of Seed Sale

In addition to raising funds for upcoming projects, Acardex has various advantages to offer to those who participate in the $ACX token seed sale.

  • The $ACX token seed sale is open for all. Everyone can participate in the event. Unlike an IPO, the $ACX token seed sale covers almost the entire population, and it is indeed a rare global opportunity.
  • The sale is on a global level. There are no restrictions based on one’s geography. Those participating are instantly paid back in ACX equivalent ADA token. Participants can choose to swap back their tokens at a higher price and earn a decent profit.
  • Early adopters of the event will get the advantage of earning huge profits. Acardex is offering ACX at a much lower price which will hit its peak after officially touching the Crypto marketplace.
  • There are fewer barriers to the event except for a local law that may prevent people from participating in the process.
  • It is entirely a decentralized event. In other words, there is no interference when it comes to one’s decision of selling or swapping their tokens.

Another advantage is the no involvement of a third party as it is completely operating on blockchain technology.

More Reasons To Participate

There are more reasons to participate in the $ACX token seed sale. Those who participate get an early sneak peek into the DEX platform. They will also have the opportunity of owning rare and exclusive Acardex NFT art at a discounted price.

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