$CHECK: Paycheck’s brand new upgraded token on SushiSwap

Paycheck is delighted to announce their upgraded token on SushiSwap, launching on January 1, 2023, in VALLETTA, MALTA! Their products are tailored to help individuals build and grow their wealth, offering applications and services such as the NFT Marketplace with art and trading masterships. Paycheck has a binary approach to a cryptocurrency–they’ll show you how to acquire it if you don’t have it, as well as how to boost your earnings if you already do.

We’re delighted to share the news that our $CHECK token has gone live on SushiSwap! This follows our Stake and Lock launches and the contract upgrade on BitMart and LBank. On top of that, we are developing an NFT marketplace that will be available when it launches on Paycheck’s Testnet and Mainnet. This regulated economy is just the start of Paycheck’s vision. As we move forward, we’ll be building a DEX to trade, lend against NFTs as collateral, and unlock user potential.

Paycheck’s flagship cryptocurrency, Check Token, has been upgraded and moved to a new network, forming the core of every product the company releases. Offering a range of different uses, Check Token allows users to trade NFTs on the Paycheck NFT Marketplace, pay with it to earn daily rewards with Stake, and redeem Locked Tokens in exchange for unlocked ones. This variety of applications makes Check Token invaluable for providing financial freedom.


Paycheck has a future plan of bringing about innovations on the blockchain platform. It plans to utilize the redeemable NFT checks and minting payable on the blockchain. Therefore, users eager to maximize their economic freedom are largely benefited from Check Token.

Roxanne Williams

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