Ethereum phone sold out in 24 hours – can Solana catch up? is rising above both

Ethereum ($ETH) launched the presale of its new smartphone in late August. This move comes after Solana ($SOL) slashed the price of its phone around the same time. But perhaps the project you should be paying the most attention to is ($DOMI).

Before we discuss what is all about, though, let’s look at Ethereum and Solana’s recent developments.

$ETH struggles to regain value despite good phone presale 

Around August 25, Ethereum started the presale of its new phone. The new Ethereum phone is based on the Google Pixel 7a with a specialized OS called ‘ethOS.’ Thanks to the custom software, the phone can act as a “light node” and validate Ethereum transactions on the go. It also makes sending and receiving payments easier.

Surprisingly, $ETH fell from $1,660 to $1,607 in the aftermath of this positive news, marking a 3% decrease between August 25 and September 11. Analysts attribute the fall to many factors, such as the overall bear market and Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin’s Twitter account getting hacked around September 10.

Considering the recent hack, $ETH may see further in the coming days as the full effect of the development comes out.

Moreover, $ETH isn’t the only major crypto with a new phone. Another one of the top altcoins, $SOL, also launched a phone earlier this year. So, how has Solana been doing with its phone?


Solana’s Saga phone fails to generate sales despite price slash

Around April, Solana launched the Saga phone, a proprietary phone with special crypto features. However, the phone did not wow the market, and sales have remained low despite Solana’s 40% price cut in late August.

But Solana also has other troubles. Around September 10, rumors of FTX selling its remaining Solana assets created a bearish sentiment in the market. If FTX follows through, that would increase Solana’s supply, pushing the $SOL price down.

Following these rumors, $ SOL’s price dipped from $18.6 on September 10 to $18.2 on September 11, a nearly 2% decrease. As these rumors continue circulating, $SOL may also fall further in the coming days.

So, with both top altcoins struggling, is $DOMI the best crypto to invest in?

$DOMI investors set to enjoy over 600% gains connects the world of art, finance, and the blockchain. Rather than relying on the stagnant old walled-garden model of traditional art markets, makes buying art easier, more accessible, and possibly more profitable.

So, how does accomplish this? It first converts physical artworks into NFTs to buy. These NFTs reflect the actual assets on the blockchain, which secures the artworks’ ownership. can then split up this ownership into smaller fractions, which makes it easier to buy for normal investors with limited access to capital investment.

This way, makes buying art more accessible and helps investors build a diverse portfolio at a fraction of the cost. This portfolio is as secure as it gets for $DOMI investors since the relevant NFTs are registered on the blockchain. It is also extremely liquid compared to physical art, as users can trade them on the marketplace. 

Besides its real-world utility to investors, also offers you massive returns. Between its current $DOMI price of $0.0021 and its eventual launch price of $0.0154, $DOMI is set to climb by around 633%. And if you invest now, you can get an even better deal using the promo code “DOMI10” for an extra 10% bonus.

Learn more about $DOMI here:-

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