Domino’s Pizza Surprises Customers With Competition Rewarding €100,000 Bitcoin Prize

Pizzas are a blessing for the humankind, and when this blessing comes clubbed with a whopping amount of Bitcoin Prize, it is indeed like a cherry on the cake.

Domino’s France surprised its fans by coming up with an exciting offer to win a handsome amount of hard cash or digital currency. To celebrate its 30th birthday, the pizza house giant announced a competition named, Jump the Bank, which could fetch them €100,000 ($110,000) as the giveaway prize.

The winner of the competition will get a fair chance to redeem his/her winning amount in either fiat currency or Bitcoin tokens. Domino’s opened the competition from September 4 and plans to run it till October 6.

The winner of the competition will be selected through the prize draw mechanism. Pizza lovers have to purchase pizzas from Domino’s and get their purchases registered online to become a potential competitor in the prize draw.

As per Domino’s website: “One thing is certain: cryptocurrency lovers all have a player side in them.”

The Random Connection Between Pizza And Bitcoin:

In May 2010, computer programmer, Lazlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 BTC to Papa John’s for buying two pizzas from them. During that time, the genius mind failed to foresee that the BTC coins, he is trading for two pizzas will amount to around $100 Million in today’s time.

With the growing trend of cryptocurrencies, the not-so-usual trading of pizza became quite well-known amongst the digital folklore and is now celebrated as Bitcoin Pizza Day.

Domino’s has always been an admirer of digital currencies and blockchain technology. This became more evident when the firm collaborated its overseas divisions of Malaysia and Singapore with SingularityNET platform.

It integrated supply chain and operational delivery systems into their office network through this partnership. However, due to lack of demand, the early investors of SingularityNET received a negative 71 percent return on their investments.

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