Doodles to shift its Stoodio avatar customized platform to Base in July

Doodles plans to transfer its Stoodio avatar customized platform to Base, an Ethereum layer 2 upgrading network, uprooting itself from the Flow blockchain. This movement is slated for some time in the middle of July. 

The intention behind this is to be able to utilize Base’s cost-effective and accelerated transactions, instead of the Ethereum mainnet. Coinbase was responsible for building Base and is presently gaining an immense amount of popularity among Ethereum’s numerous upgrading networks. 

The initial profile picture (PFP) of Doodles’s collectibles will continue to exist on Ethereum, whereas Stoodio, as well as the multiple NFT outfits and custom-built figures, will be transferred from Flow to Base. 

According to the CEO of Doodles, Julian Holguin, no unfortunate circumstances led to the parting from Flow, the intention being to look ahead at whatever is best for the future. In fact, they are most appreciative of their association with Flow, but in his opinion, they simply had to move on. Their goal remains fixed on mass acceptance, which is the reason for the shift and the opportunity available with Base. 

Doodles is credited with having more than one million followers connected with its social media handle, with a weekly turnout reaching the figure of 25 million eyeballs, with regards to its entertainment segment. In the case of the Stoodio platform, it takes pride in its exclusive assortment of online outfits. 

To adequately commemorate the event, Doodles has decided to provide an open edition Base NFT mint via Zora. It will be pitching forth unique content, once the shifting is done with. 

In the words of the founder of Base, Jesse Pollak, Doodles has a major role to play in the sphere of creative on-chain cultural activities and together, they will be engaged in creating an on-chain economy targeting the creator and artist fraternity. 


The Head of Business Development and Strategy at Doodles, Austin Hurwitz, also added that the next generation about the acceptance of crypto will be fuelled by user-friendly items, bringing with it a high level of entertainment quotient. All of this will be made possible through the association with Coinbase and Base.

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