DORA price feeds from Supra are now available on Celo

Supra declares the activation of its DORA pricing feeds on Celo. The integration of Supra’s DORA further enhances Celo’s capabilities, guaranteeing universal access to secure financial services.

The Celo blockchain is gaining recognition in the field of blockchain technology due to the distinctive consumer segment it has established: mobile users. It can be regarded as a platform that prioritizes mobile devices while also maintaining compatibility with EVM. Celo is a pioneer in decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions and contributes to developing decentralized applications (dApps), particularly for smartphone users, by specializing in this field.

Celo’s latest integration with Supra’s DORA has significantly expanded its functionality while also taking a critical step toward its mission of financial democratization for everyone, giving them easy access to secure and accessible financial services. The Celo project hopes to showcase its cutting-edge blockchain architecture through this partnership to attract a large customer base from all over the globe and facilitate its growth by making it both robust and dependable.

Celo’s unique technological approach is ushering in a new way of employing blockchain technology and its applications in the financial services industry. Celo effectively bridges the gap between traditional banking and the rapidly increasing world of decentralized finance (Defi) by focusing its efforts on mobile-first initiatives, allowing consumers all over the world to easily get financial products and services using their phones. 

The partnership strengthens Celo’s vision by bolstering the availability and security of its financial services. DORA’s technology is an integral part of constructing a secure Celo network; as a result, user transactions and other financial activities are secure and user-friendly. Consequently, this strengthens the dependability of the Celo ecosystem and facilitates the wider implementation and utilization of mobile DeFi solutions.

Celo has established itself as a leader in developing a mobile-centric blockchain infrastructure and security enhancements resulting from its collaboration with DORA from Supra. This will contribute to the future digital currency system becoming more pervasive, accessible, and secure. As Celo advances its platform, it contributes to developing a novel paradigm in the mobile DeFi technology sector. This, in turn, facilitates the increased adoption and usage of DeFi and decentralized application (dApp) ecosystems by smartphone users worldwide.

Roxanne Williams

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