DoragonLand Adds Redline DAO as New Partner

With the NFT gaming industry picking pace, DoragonLand is ready to leverage the newly-gained popularity. The 3D tower rush game has recently announced a partnership with China’s first institutional DAO for blockchain, Redline DAO.

DoragonLand stated that both ventures share Inspection and Insight as core beliefs, making Redline a viable partner. The DAO has the extensive market knowledge, helping DoragonLand join the nex-gen of the NFT gaming sector.

As the official partner for DoragonLand, Redline DAO will provide assistance in every crucial step – from initial development to final market promotion. DoragonLand will also gain investment funds to make sure an efficient execution of the team development and project roadmap. Ultimately, it will help the GameFi project expand its reach in the Chinese market.

Besides that, Redline DAO will also provide team guidance to DoragonLand, especially in marketing strategy and product development. DoragonLand is completely ready to prosper in the blockchain and NFT gaming industry as Redline DAO is backing them at every step.

As the first institutional DAO in China focused on blockchain, Redline DAO has earned esteemed prestige since its launch in 2013. The venture has invested in blockchain and digital assets institutions, helping them gain more users in the region. Moreover, it focuses on investing in some of the most promising blockchain players like AVAX and Solana.

Joining hands with such a venture can render profitable outcomes for DoragonLand. The 3D rush game merges blockchain tchnology into battle card gameplay, catering to multiple niches. The game allows players to create quick brawls between warriors where they can duel and collect rewards as DOR tokens or NFT items.

Inspired by names like Clash Royale, DoragnLand has the potential to help blockchain gaming attract more mainstream gamers. The collaboration holds considerable value for players, the blockchain industry, and the gaming industry.

Scott Cook

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