Dotmoovs Enters Into a Partnership With Polygon

Dotmoovs, powered by the Blockchain and AI system, wants people to interact with each other and challenge one another while playing sports online to improve their skills. The company has partnered with Polygon to get this done, through which players can improve skills and earn $MOOVs and NFTs. Formerly called Matic Network, it helps Inc connect Ethereum related Blockchain networks, helps with a scalable solution and supports an ecosystem of multi-chain Ethereum. By partnering with Polygon’s platform, Dotmoovs will benefit through its scalability power, helping the company give rewards in NFT form. Moreover, there will be no more lagging in the network, which will attract the audience that loves to play sports.

What makes Polygon different from others is its combination of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains to use a multi-chain system. Users usually face issues like high gas fees and slow speeds, which get eliminated by using Polygon. This multi-chain system is quite similar to Avalanche, Polkadot, and Cosmos. Moreover, it comes with three vital benefits:

  • Allows getting the full benefit from Ethereum network effects
  • More Secured
  • Open and Powerful

Many projects like the Dotmoovs explore the benefits of Ethereum-compatible blockchains to bring down limitations and make the best use of its ecosystem. By partnering with Polygon, Dotmoovs looks forward to bringing in a protocol and complete framework to connect Ethereum-compatible Blockchain.

Polygon offers features like:

  • One-click deployment of Blockchain networks
  • A different set of modules to develop custom networks
  • Security as service
  • Adaptor modules enabling interoperability to connect with the existing Blockchain

About Polygon

Polygon is a well-structured platform to use Ethereum infrastructure development. It comes with the core component called Polygon SDK, a flexible framework helping to connect with Plasma and Optimistic Rollups. Moreover, there has been an adaptation of its scalability solutions in different Blockchain networks.

About Dotmoovs


Dotmoovs is the leading crypto mobile competitive environment used globally. The platform offers users the ability to face competition with other users and showcase their ambition, smartphone, and skills. By playing on their platform, players can win $MOOVs and NFTs.

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