Dragon Master Announces Rehashing ‘Clash Royale’ on Monday

Clash Royale, a real-strategy free-to-play video game, was officially developed and launched by Supercell. The game combined elements from tower defense, a multiplayer battle, and a collectible card. Clash Royale is still played like a classic game because of its strategic gameplay that is impressive to many players worldwide.

Play-to-Earn Metaverse games are seeing tremendous popularity among online players. The Play-to-Earn or P2E is feasible as the ownership of digital assets in online games can now be resolved by the blockchain network. 

In the meantime, the ever-growing P2E blockchain online game continues to change as experienced software developers integrate conventional games with this P2E model and is constantly making necessary improvements.

Among the Classic & P2E virtual games, one of the most awaited games, the Dragon Master, was launched on 21 March 2022, developed by Magic Hat Studio. Dragon Master is similar to the traditional Clash Royale game, and as for the gaming experience, Dragon involves the aspects of defending, raising, collecting, MOBA, and offers the familiarity of Clash Royale to the players.

As a matter of fact, Magic Hat team leader, Lucas Adams, said that the development of Dragon Master was based on inspiration that began with the classic Clash Royale. According to Lucas, Clash Royale offers attractive gameplay where players are required to purchase card packs to create decks in order to battle. Nevertheless, the team believes that there is still space for improvement in the traditional gameplay, and they plan to fight for the rights of players as they put everything into their gaming experience that ultimately yields investment value. 

Players are required to create their respective teams to be able to fight through NFTs that can be utilized in the game. This will bring regular profits to players. 

Players can also create many Dragon NFTs through random breeding. Those who are able to collect an entire set of NFTs can summon the Legend Dragon along with a bonus dividend or smart contract.

The revenue of the Dragon Master’s marketplace can be shared by the Legend Dragon, and a daily transaction fee income (ETH) will be paid automatically to the gamer‘s wallet through smart contracts. 

Most online games encounter the problem of NFT inflation, and this is something that the team is continuously working on. There can be normal or mutation breeding. Mutation, a combined skill, is introduced depending on the dragon’s features. 

For normal breeding, two-parent dragons produce an egg with random skill whereas, in mutation breeding, a 2nd basic skill can be activated to an egg while the parent dragons are sacrificed. A rare dragon with two skills is created with the consumption of 2 dragons, and the 2nd skill is inherited. Hence, the NFT inflation problem is resolved by the 1+1=1 solution. 

During the project’s early stages, Dragon Master NFTs will be managed by the core team of the company, and the members of the community will be allowed to participate in the game, but this will require DAO governance. Adams also shared the team’s future vision. Dragon Master will become popular, starting its journey from P2E Blockchain-based game to a Metaverse that will feature virtual characters, careers, and even residences. 

Developers and artists can earn DMT rewards in the future, and the project will implement entirely decentralized governance where the community members can choose their operations and development teams.

The Dragon Master game has become the focal point of several game guilds. Yield Guild Games’ sub-DAO, IndiGG(IGG), developed with Polygon, announced its initiation with the Dragon, which has become IGG’s first project to power the P2E model.

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